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Character Profile: Popon

USA Info
Japanese Info
Popon Popon Popon (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
Monster Monster
Male Male
None None
Purple Purple
Very tall Very tall
Nightmare Enterprises monster Holy Nightmare Corporation monster
Kirby: Right Back At Ya! Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Popon

Popon is a big, tall tower of green blobs that loves to throw the blobs in its body at his opponent. Although he is simply made up of more than six blobs attached to each other, he never runs out of any blobs to throw at his enemies, and he can regenerate his blobs each time he throws one blob. Like the Broom King, Popon is also a master of disguise.

Popon came to King Dedede's castle while under the guise of Kawasaki's mentor, Shitake. But when Meta Knight pointed out that it wasn't really Shitake after all, the chef revealed his true identity to be Popon himself!

Kirby took on the power of the Cook ability for the very first time when he fought this monster. He smacked Popon with his frying pan, sent him flying into space to be cooked, and when Popon came back he was just a big, fat shish kabob in which Dedede tasted it. Dedede liked the taste of Popon, and made Kirby into a new master chef afterwards.

Character Description: Popon

Popon first appeared as Chef Kawasaki's teacher, the great Chef Shitake. To impress Chef Shitake (who was really Popon in disguise), King Dedede tried to trick Chef Kawasaki into using Kirby in a recipe. But Chef Kawasaki couldn't do it and Kirby survived.

Then, Chef Shitake insulted Chef Kawasaki's frying pan and Kawasaki knew that Shitaki was a fake! And that's when Shitaki revealed his true identity, the monster Popon, who was sent by NightMare Enterprises!

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