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Japanese Info
TurboTurboTurbo (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
Brown (whiskers)Brown (whiskers)
Unknown (always hidden behind those shades)Unknown (always hidden behind those shades)
3'0"91 cm
140 lbs63.5 kg
Nightmare Enterprises MonsterHoly Nightmare Corporation Monster, and one of Fang's boys
Ted Lewis
Kirby: Right Back At Ya!Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Turbo

Turbo is another fun-loving, motorcycle-riding punk who enjoys causing trouble for people. He wears a black sleeveless shirt and pants with a gold chest plate, and also wears black wristbands around his wrists, a helmet on his head, and orange sunglasses. He has brown whiskers and a rat-like tooth in his mouth which makes his face look like that of a rat. He rides a green bike.

Gus used to be friends with Rip, Turbo, and Fang, but after Fang was bested by the legendary biker Steppenwolf, who also left Gus unharmed, Gus swore that he would never ride again. Then one night in a few years later, Fang, Rip, and Turbo roared into Cappy Town looking for the mysterious biker known as Steppenwolf. Dedede promised all three that they could stay in Cappy Town forever; but only if they dealt with Kirby first.

In the end, Kirby blocked and kept both Rip and Turbo from seeing, causing them to crash, and later, he, with help from Gus and Steppenwolf, bested Fang and later, a new form of Fang, Wheelie.

Character Description: Turbo

Turbo is a member of Fang's biker gang. He and his partner, Rip, do whatever Fang tells them to do and follows him wherever he goes.

Fang, Rip, and Turbo all ride on one-wheeled motorcycles like the Delivery Man from Kawasaki's Restaurant. Turbo rides the green motorcycle bike.

Not much can be said about Turbo except that he was destroyed by Kirby, along with Rip, while Fang and Gus were drag racing.

After that, he and Rip were never seen again but Fang survived and attended King Dedede's second Cappytown race.

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