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Character Profile: Ultraviolet Ray

USA Info
Japanese Info
Ultraviolet Ray Ultraviolet Ray Ultraviolet Ray (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
Monster Monster
Male Male
Glowing white, blue, and purple Glowing white, blue, and purple
Purple Purple
Nightmare Enterprises Monster Holy Nightmare Corporation Monster
Kirby: Right Back At Ya! Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Ultraviolet Ray

This cool-looking monster is a glowing dragon/eel-like creature living in a hole in the ozone layer. He breathes UV rays to attack, and can also heal damaged segments, unless attacked rapidly.

N.M.E. thought that the best way to get rid of Kirby was with UV rays, so he sold Dedede air conditioners since the King ordered them up right away. However, these weren't just any air conditioners; these machines created a hole in the ozone layer, making it so hot out that no one could go out in the sun. And we learned that Kirby is so young that his skin is sensitive to UV rays.

So Tiff and the gang built a hot-air balloon and found that hole, and dropped a bomb in the middle of Cappy Town, which was actually a message to warn them that the planet was in danger of being seared by UV rays. Not long later, Tiff called the Warpstar, and as Kirby rode in to patch up the hole before it got too big to fix, that's when the UV ray-spewing monster emerged!

And the monster's UV rays even scorched the Warpstar's surface! Kirby first tried using the Jet ability to beat him, but it didn't work. Luckily, Dedede dumbly shot another bomb at Kirby again, which Kirby inhaled and became Bomb Kirby. Finally, after taking enough damage from Kirby's barrage of bombs, the monster disappeared along with the ozone hole it was living in, and the weather was back to normal.

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