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Anime Profile: Kizuna

USA Info
Japanese Info
2 OVA episodes2 OVA episodes
August 9, 20051994
Be BeautifulBIBLOS/Kadokawa Pictures
Kazuma Kodaka
Gay Romance, DramaGay Romance, Drama
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Kei Enjyoji (aka Kei Sagano)Kei Enjyoji (aka Kei Sagano)
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Ranmaru SamejimaRanmaru Samejima
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Kai Sagano βŠ• Kai Sagano βŠ•
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Masa βŠ• Masa βŠ•
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Professor Fumio Sakada βŠ• Professor Fumio Sakada βŠ•
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Takeshi Sagano βŠ• Takeshi Sagano βŠ•

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Description: Kizuna

Kizuna Ranmaru Samejima and was the star Kendo champion of Koei High School. He competed in the National High School Kendo Competition, and won the individual competion. Yet due to a cruel turn of fate, his promising kendo career ended quickly on that night he was struck down by a speeding car. This hit and run was by no means an accident, however. It was clear and deliberate, but the target wan't Ranmaru, it was Kei Enjyoji, Ranmaru's lover. Ranmaru just happened to spy the speeding car accelerating right toward them, and with no thought for his own safty pushed Enjyoji out of it's deadly path. Thanks to Ran's actions, the car missed Enjyoji. Unfortuantly, Ran wasn't so lucky. He survived, and he was even able to walk again, but alas he would never be the Kendo star that he once was.

Kizuna Ranmaru and Enjyoji are now in college, and Ranmaru has a part time job working for Professor Fumio Sakada in the research room. One night after work, Professor Sakada invites Ranmaru out for a drink at some new place. Although Ran doesn't drink, he eventually agrees to accompany the Professor out, and boy what a mistake that was! Ran quickly realizes that it's a gay club, but before he can leave, he starts feeling kind of woozy. That's because when Ran wasn't looking, the Professor sliped some kind of drug in Ran's tea. When Ran can no longer stand, the Professor moves in and then attempts to molest him! Thankfully, the Professor doesn't get the chance to continue. A nearby man, who someone calls Sagano, leaps into action and pulls the Professor off of Ran, and beats the crap out of him.

Kizuna Ran seems to instantly recongnizes the name, and drags himself over to get a look at the guy. Sure enough, it was the same Kai Sagano from back in high school, the only first year student who really stood out in the Kendo club. And apparently Kai had a crush on Ran. Or perhaps it was more than a crush. At any rate, his feelings have intensified by now, but of course Ran is in love with Kei Enjyoji... or should I say Kei Sagano?! That's right! Kai and Kei are half-brothers! Kei is two years older than Kai, but was born to his father's mistress, not his wife, and so he couldn't take his father's last name. Oh yeah, and did I mention that their father was a Yakuza boss? Sorry, must have slipped my mind!

Kizuna So talk about a crazy situation, two gay brothers who have a mob boss as a father happen to fall in love with the same man! What's in store for Ran, Kei, and Kai? Where in the world is this story heading? Those who have already enjoyed the popular manga from Kazuma Kodaka on which this anime is based should already know, but the rest of us will have to wait until the next episode to find out anything more since each DVD contains only one episode just over 30 minutes long. On the back of the DVD case there is a suggested age rating of 16 and up, however when you actually play the disc there is a parental discretion age warning of 18 and up. Personally, I'd say the 16 and up warning is more on the money. There is only very brief (and shadowed) nudity, sexual situations that are only really hinted at, and some violence but very little blood.

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