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Character Profile: Farfarello

USA Info
Japanese Info
Jei Jei Farfarello (Knight Hunters)
Farfarello Farfarello
· · ·
Berserker Berserker
· · ·
Farf Farf
· · ·
Farfie Farfie
Human Human
Male Male
20 years old 20 years old
White(Crimson in the manga) White(Crimson in the manga)
Gold(Rusty-Red in the manga) Gold(Rusty-Red in the manga)
Assassin Assassin
"The arrival of the end." "The arrival of the end."
  Nakao Ryuusei
Knight Hunters Weiss Kreuz

Character Description: Farfarello

Farfarello is twisted, in a word. He is a masochistic, sadistic, cracked, God-hating, knife-collecting Irishman. Often, Farfarello is portrayed to be cutting himself with one of his far, far, -far- too many knives.

It has been theorized that Farf's mental power is his inability to feel any pain. That would make sense, with the fearless way he attacks his enemies, simply throwing himself into the fray.

Farfarello used to be called Jei. You learn all about him in episode 18, but I'll spare you the trouble of locating it. When Farf was younger, before he became Farfarello, he was a very religious young boy who spent a lot of time with a nun named Ruth. However, one day, Jei discovered that his mother wasn't actually his mother, that Ruth was, and he went insane, killing his mother, father, and sister, then draping their bodies with the angel tapestry that used to hang over his bed. From that day on, he swore to do anything possible to hurt God and liars.

The name Farfarello is the name of one of Dante's Demons, from the book The Inferno.

When Farfarello misbehaves (like when he killed their boss' daughter), he can be found hanging upside down in a straight jacket in a dark room. Makes for an unhappy Irishman.

His nicknames included Farf and Farfie.

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