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Anime Profile: Knight Hunters

USA Info
Japanese Info
Knight Hunters Weiss Kreuz Knight Hunters
· · ·
  Weiß Kreuz(alternate spelling)
25 TV episodes, 2 OVA episodes 25 TV episodes, 2 OVA episodes
  Koyasu Takehito, Project Weiss
  Kiyoshi Egami
Aya Fujimiya Aya Fujimiya
· · ·
Aya-chan Fujimiya Aya-chan Fujimiya
· · ·
Brad Crawford Brad Crawford
· · ·
-- more listed below -- -- more listed below --

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Anime Characters: Knight Hunters

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Aya Fujimiya Aya Fujimiya Nagi Naoe Nagi Naoe
Aya-chan Fujimiya Aya-chan Fujimiya Omi Tsukiono Omi Tsukiono
Brad Crawford Brad Crawford Sakura Tomoe Sakura Tomoe
Farfarello Farfarello Schuldig Schuldig
Ken Hidaka Ken Hidaka Yohji Kudou Yohji Kudou

Anime Description: Knight Hunters

When the moon rises, the four young men of Weiss become the most vicious assassins the world has ever seen. The team consists of Aya, a somber and silent type, Ken, a wide-eyed former athlete, Omi, a young computer specialist, and Yohji, a suave ladies man.

The assassins fight against Reiji Takatori for the first part of the series, then in the second part, their enemy is a party of three elderly people.

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