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Anime Profile: Black Butler: Book of Murder

USA Info
Japanese Info
Black Butler: Book of MurderKuroshitsuji: Satsujin no Sho (黒執事 殺人の書)Black Butler: Book of Murder
2 OVA episodesOctober 25, 2014 and November 15, 2014
FUNimationSquare-Enix Enix, Aniplex, MOVIC, Mainichi Broadcasting System, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, Kuroshitsuji OVA Project
Yana Toboso (枢 やな)
Noriyuki Abe (阿部 記之)
Comedy, Drama, ParanormalComedy, Drama, Paranormal
Black ButlerKuroshitsuji
· · ·
Black Butler IIKuroshitsuji II
· · ·
Black Butler: Book of CircusKuroshitsuji: Sakasu no Sho
· · ·
Black Butler: Book of MurderKuroshitsuji: Satsujin no Sho
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Characters: Black Butler: Book of Murder

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Agni Agni Undertaker Undertaker
Bard Bard Charles Phips ⊕ --?--
Ciel Phantomhive Ciel Phantomhive Grimsby Keane ⊕ --?--
Elizabeth Middleford Elizabeth Middleford Irene Diaz ⊕ --?--
Finnian Finian Karl Woodley ⊕ --?--
Lan-mao Ran-mao Lau ⊕ Rau ⊕
Mey-rin Meirin Patrick Phelps ⊕ --?--
Prince Soma Asman Kadar Prince Soma Asman Kadar Peter ⊕ --?--
Sebastian Michaelis Sebastian Michaelis Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ⊕ --?--
Tanaka Tanaka Snake ⊕ --?--

Description: Black Butler: Book of Murder

It is springtime, as as per his station, the young earl Ciel Phantomhive hosts a lavish banquet composed of several guests, one a struggling Arthur Conan Doyle. But just as a sudden storm traps the guests at the Phantomhive manor, several murders occur – and soon suspicion falls upon the young Ciel! As the body count rises, Ciel... as well as his demonic butler Sebastian and the eccentric Phantomhive servants, have to get the surviving guests to co-operate, trust Ciel and each other, and find the killer... and fast!

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