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Anime Profile: La Corda d'oro ~Primo Passo~

USA Info
Japanese Info
La Corda d'oro ~Primo Passo~ Kiniro no Corda ~Primo Passo~(金色のコルダ ~primo passo~) La Corda d'oro ~Primo Passo~
  25 episodes
  2006 - ongoing
  Yumeta Company
  Manga by Yuki Kure
  Reiko Yoshida
Comedy, Drama, Romance Comedy, Drama, Romance
Kahoko Hino Kahoko Hino
· · ·
Kazuki Hihara Kazuki Hihara
· · ·
Azuma Yunoki Azuma Yunoki
· · ·
Hiroto Kanazawa Hiroto Kanazawa
· · ·
Keiichi Shimizu Keiichi Shimizu
· · ·
Len Tsukimori Ren Tsukimori
· · ·
Lili Riri
· · ·
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Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but the manga could be found at Amazon.

Anime Characters: La Corda d'oro ~Primo Passo~

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Kahoko Hino Kahoko Hino Lili Riri
Kazuki Hihara Kazuki Hihara Nami Amou Nami Amou
Azuma Yunoki Azuma Yunoki Ryotaro Tsuchiura Ryotaro Tsuchiura
Hiroto Kanazawa Hiroto Kanazawa Shinobu Ousaki Shinobu Ousaki
Keiichi Shimizu Keiichi Shimizu Shouko Fuyuumi Shouko Fuyuumi
Len Tsukimori Ren Tsukimori    

Anime Description: La Corda d'oro ~Primo Passo~

Kahoko Hino is a normal second year student of the general education part of a music school. The school is founded by a musician who loved music and wanted to teach others music as well. He once found a little creature, Lili, of which he saved the life. In return, Lili, who was actually a music fairy, blessed his school with the gift of music.

One morning Kaho meets Lili, the music fairy, at the school's entrance. He tells Kaho she is a chosen one, since she is able to see him. Kaho is shocked to see a creature like Lili and she runs away, before Lili can explain for what she is chosen.

Then suddenly the school bells ring to announce the contestants of the interschool music contest. Along with five others, Kaho is chosen to participate in this contest. The only problem: Kaho doesn't play any instrument!!

Kaho has a second meeting with Lili in which the fairy explains why Kaho has to join the contest. There was an almost legendary rumor about the fact a general education student would be chosen to participate the contest and Lili is going to help her with this. He gives Kaho a magical violin, but at first Kaho doesn't want to have anything to do with this. She doesn't know a thing about music. Lili then assures Kaho she can play whatever she wants, as long as she feels the music in her heart. In the end Kaho accepts the challenge of the music contest.

This is a story about Kaho and her violin, trying to fit in with the other contestants, trying her best to be as best as she can to deal with the pressure and the prejudice from the music students.

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