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Anime Profile: Lamune

USA Info
Japanese Info
Lamune Lamune Lamune
12 TV episodes 12 TV episodes
  Trinet Entertaiment
  Nekoneko software
  Jun Takada
Drama, Romance Drama, Romance
Hantano Hantano
· · ·
Hikari Nakazato Hikari Nakazato
· · ·
Hiromi Sakura Hiromi Sakura
· · ·
Kenji Tomosaka Kenji Tomosaka
· · ·
Misora Ayukawa Misora Ayukawa
· · ·
Nanami Konoe Nanami Konoe
· · ·
Suzuka Tomosaka Suzuka Tomosaka
· · ·
Tae Isawa Tae Isawa

Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Anime Description: Lamune

Kenji Tomosaka moved to the country side of Japan from the city with his sister Suzuka. One day at the beach, he met a little girl named Nanami. Their meeting was not very smooth, but they start to become really close and hang out all the time.

Now, fast forward to the future. They are now high school students in the summer time. Many girls now enter Kenji's life who seem to like him... like how Nanami does. It is based on a hentai game of the same title from Nekoneko software

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