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Anime Profile: Laputa: Castle in the Sky

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Japanese Info
Laputa: Castle in the SkyTenku no Shiro Rapyuta (天空の城ラピュタ) ("Castle in the Sky Laputa")Laputa: Castle in the Sky
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Castle in the SkyCastle in the Sky Laputa
March 24, 1989 (theatrical release), April 2003 (video release)1986
Streamline (theatrical release), Disney (video release)Studio Ghibli
Hayao Miyazak
Hayao Miyazaki
Adventure, Fantasy, DramaAdventure, Fantasy, Drama
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SheetaLusheeta Toelle Ul Laputa
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Sheeta's GrandmotherSheeta's Grandmother

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Description: Laputa: Castle in the Sky

Laputa is a wonderful work full of turn-of-the-century gadgetry. Loosely based on the mining towns of Wales and the flying island of Laputa found in Gulliver's Travels, it revolves around a young girl named Sheeta who carries a valuable posession; the secret to Laputa. Laputa is a island which floats through the sky.

Sheeta is pursued by government forces and the air pirate clan Dola. Both want the location of the flying city. She is aided by a boy named Pazu who is a lift operator in the mines. He is searching for Laputa as well to prove his father, a former airship captain, was not insane when he saw a flying island during a storm. The island is rumored to hold fantastic wealth and technology, but that technology may well cause the destruction of Laputa and the Earth.

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