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Last ExileLast Exile (ラストエグザイル)Last Exile
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LastEXILE (alternate spelling)Rasuto Eguzairu (romanization)
26 TV episodes26 TV episodes
November 18, 2003 (DVD), March 8, 2004–Dec 22, 2004 (Tech TV broadcast)April 7, 2003–Sept. 29, 2003
Geneon, Bang Zoom! Ent.GONZO, G.D.H., Victor Ent., TV Tokyo
Koichi Chigara
Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-FiAdventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Dio ElaclaireDio Erakurea
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Alex Row
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Alvis Hamilton
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Claus Valca
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Lavie Head
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Description: Last Exile

From the creators of Blue Submarine No. 6, Last Exile is a Steampunk Sci-Fi adventure that takes place on the alternate world of Prestel, where beyond the creation of its Industrial Revolution where many ships sailed the skies, a long and bloody war between the countries of Anatole ("East") and Dysis ("West") raged. Casting a mysterious shadow on this conflict exists the organization known as the Guild.

The story focuses on two orphans Claus and Lavie, who have inherited a Vanship (a special wingless aircraft) and soon find themselves in the middle of of this conflict after being left in charge of protecting a mysterious young girl named Alvis. After that, they are dragged into the war after boarding the powerful airship known as the Silvania (lead by the stoic captain Alex Row). They soon learn that Alvis may be the key to finally ending the war and deciding the very fate of Prestel itself....

Description: Last Exile

Last Exile is another anime that takes place in the future. I have noticed that it is very similar to Blue Submarine No. 6 except that it takes place in the sky.

The two main characters Claus and Lavie, both 15 years old, accompanied by the mysterious Alvis Hamilton, an 11 year old girl who is completely unaware of what's going on, all find themeselves dragged into an awesome air ship known as the Silvana... which has a historical record of never being "sunk". Captained by Alex Row, they all eventually learn to live with the crew.

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