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Character Profile: Dio Elaclaire

USA Info
Japanese Info
Dio Elaclaire Dio Erakurea Dio Elaclaire (Last Exile)
Prince of the "GUILD" GIRUDO no Oji
Human Human
Male Male
16 years old 16 years old
Ash White Ash White
Pale Blue-Violet Pale Blue-Violet
5'7" 170 cm
Prince, Pilot, Navigator Prince, Pilot, Navigator
"Bang!" "Bang!"
Joshua Seth Junko Noda
Last Exile Rasuto Eguzairu

Character Description: Dio Elaclaire

Dio is the character who "spiced things up." He tries to get close to the main character. He is pretty darn-damned COOL! He treats everything like GAMES... confident of what will happen.

Another thing is that he is the prince and the son of the most powerful king of the guild. We can see that he has a sister called "Maestro Delphine." We think that he is fearless, but Dio has the most fearsome sister.

Near the end of the episodes, Dio got brainwashed by Cicada and the machine-thingy. He was then challenged to the test of "AGOON", which is that the one to pull the sword out of the platform becomes the next heir of the Eraclaire family. And he won.

At the end of the episode, Dio got caught in an accident by getting off of the vanship and being blown away at the GRAND STREAM. Many people thought that he died, but it's possible he's still alive. There are two reasons:

1. At the next scenes of the last episode, Resseus heard him yell "Ascending!!!"

2. The Front Cover of one of the DVD Cases shows in a place full of grains where Klaus and the others are there, which is showing a hand and foot wearing a guild's suit and seeing the shadow of the shape with Dio's hair.

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