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Character Profile: Keitaro Urashima

USA Info
Japanese Info
Keitaro Urashima Keitaro Urashima Keitaro Urashima (Love Hina)
Human Human
Male Male
20 years old(source: Episode 1)(born January 5, 1979) 20 years old(source: Episode 1)(born January 5, 1979)
Brown Brown
Brown Brown
5'7" 171 cm
139 lbs 63 kg
Type AB Type AB
4th-year Ronin(failed getting into Tokyo U 3 times) 4th-year Ronin(failed getting into Tokyo U 3 times)
David Umansky Yuji Ueda
Love Hina Love Hina
· · ·
Love Hina Again Love Hina Again

Character Description: Keitaro Urashima

The hapless, somewhat bruised-and-battered main character of the story. Because of a promise he recalls making to a childhood sweetheart 15 years ago, Keitaro's been trying to get into Tokyo University (for the record, Tokyo University is the premier college in the country. It's very tough to get in, and you can only try once a year). But bad study habits and low self-esteem have contributed to two failed attempts.

He jumps on the opportunity to get away from home and come back to the home of his youth: the Hinata Apartments. Thing was, he didn't realize that the place had turned into a girl's dormitory, and it takes a while for things to settle down, though they never completely settle down even as he moves into Room 305 (directly below Naru, who's in 304). Though Keitaro does sometimes have those male kinds of fantasies (he's surrounded by pretty girls, and there's a hole to Naru's room in the ceiling), his frequent episodes of pervertedness are typically accidental: usually the result of clumsiness or just bad timing.

Overall, Keitaro's just trying to get things straight in his life. He's nice enough if you can just forgive his (usually accidental) slights, though he still has to get over his down-in-the-dumps attitude. He also has quite a talent for art.

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