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Character Profile: Ritsuka Aoyagi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Ritsuka Aoyagi Ritsuka Aoyagi Ritsuka Aoyagi (Loveless)
Loveless Loveless
Human Human
Male Male
12 years old(born December 21, 1990) 12 years old(born December 21, 1990)
Black Black
Violet Violet
5'1" 155 cm
Sacrifice Sacrifice
  "Don't say that!" "The ones using you are being idiots, but you're a bigger idiot for being used."
  Junko Minagawa
Episode 1 Episode 1
Loveless Loveless

Character Description: Ritsuka Aoyagi

Ritsuka lives with his parents, but still feels very lonely. He had an elder brother Seimei who was the closest person to him and the only one who understood him, but Seimei was killed, though most people believe he died in an accident. His burnt body was found at Ritsuka's school deck.

Before that tragedy, at the age of 10, Ritsuka had lived through some kind of shock, which changed completely his personality, and lost his memory about these 10 years (that is the main reason of the conflict between Ritsuka and his Mother who wants back HER son).

Some time after Seimei's death the Aoyagi family moves to a new place and Ritsuka goes to a new school. When the first school day is over, Ritsuka meets Soubi and finds out he was Seimei's friend and together they took part in spell battles as the beloved couple. Soubi promised Seimei to take care about his younger brother and make him his Sacrifice. From this moment Soubi and Ritsuka form a new couple, but their pairing doesn't have a name, because Soubi's code name is Beloved and Ritsuka's is Loveless.

Ritsuka is against any kind of violence, though once he said it is better to hurt a person physically than to hurt their feelings. He is honest, but can't trust others. Later he will overcome this somehow.

The dearest thing in the room for Ritsuka is the computer: Apple Macintosh G4. He spends many hours at it. Ritsuka is a stay-at-home type, but still likes to walk sometimes. Last two years he is mad about computer games, like: PS2, X-box, and some on-line games.

He would like to go to some South island or North Sea... Ritsuka always carries his digital camera to "make memories", because he believes if he doesn't have photos he will forget who he is or even that he exists.

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