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Character Profile: Hiyori Tamura

USA Info
Japanese Info
Hiyori Tamura Hiyori Tamura(田村 γ²γ‚ˆγ‚Š) Hiyori Tamura (Lucky Star)
"Hiyo-Hiyo" "Hiyo-Hiyo"
· · ·
"Hiyorin" "Hiyorin"
Human Human
Female Female
14 years old 14 years old
Black Black
Magenta Magenta
Type O Type O
High school student, doujin artist High school student, doujin artist
"W-Which meaning are you looking for...?" "W-Which meaning are you looking for...?"
Philece Sampler Kaori Shimizu
Lucky Star Lucky Star

Character Description: Hiyori Tamura

Hiyori is a classmate, and is often seen with Yutaka, Minami and Patricia. She is an otaku like Konata, but she draws doujinshi (self published manga), using Yutaka and Minami as models.

Hiyori is a bit of a pervert. She has a habit of imagining Yutaka and Minami as a couple, and putting that idea in her doujinshi. After something like that, she often thinks, "No! I shouldn't look at my friends with perverted eyes!" In one episode, Patricia, Yutaka and Minami hang out with her in her room, and while Hiyori is gone getting drinks, the other three admire her manga while saying, "Wow, there's so many..." The three started to look through her doujinshi, without Hiyori's permission. Hiyori walks in the room and starts screaming and whining, "Kill me! Kill me now!" when the other three are looking at her old doujinshi. They then see a picture of her recent doujinshi, except... it was Minami and Yutaka as a couple.

Other than that, Hiyori has pretty bad luck. She had gotten a lottery ticket and won, but she had to use it up for stuff that she didn't want, like a bike repair and a different lunch since her other one was ruined. She then declared that she could use that as a new plot for her manga. Her doujinshi is usually based on her life events.

Hiyori usually makes so much out of so little. One time she lost her 'special' pencil, so Minami offered her a pencil. Hiyori then refused to take any other pencil. Yet, Minami and Yutaka declare that she's strong.

With her quote, "W-Which definition are you looking for...?", Yutaka wants to know what yaoi is. Hiyori is pretty much just an unlucky, perverted girl... but people say she's strong.

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