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Kazuki ShikimoriKazuki Shikimori (’Œæ¨¹â 式森å)Kazuki Shikimori (Maburaho)
Human (later a ghost)Human (later a ghost)
17 years old17 years old
Dark blueDark blue
About 5'4"About 163 cm
2nd year student2nd year student
"I can only use my magic eight times!"
Blake ShepardDaisuke Sakaguchi

Character Description: Kazuki Shikimori

Kazuki is nothing but a total failure. He has bad grades, and he's not athletic in the least. But one day, when he went home early, because he was depressed that he could only use magic eight times, he saw a girl in his dorm room. The girl said that Kazuki met her when they were little. Then Kazuki was freaking out, and he ran right in Kuriko. The 2 girls were fighting and Kazuki ran outside, caught by Kuriko again, and Rin came in. What do these girls want? His genes! So now Kazuki is stuck with 3 girls!

After he met them, more trouble came, such as monsters, evil clones, ghost collectors, and the like. Kazuki has been using his magic to get rid of these monsters. He used his magic by making snow fall, saving a boxed lunch, combining 2 dorms together, freezing an evil monster, fighting 2 big evil cat-type creatures, winning a baseball game, destroying Yuna Miyami's evil clone, and used the last of his 2 uses of magic to save Yuna from death. Then his body disappeared and turned to ash. But his spirit remains.

Now Kazuki is having even more trouble. He doesn't know how to be a ghost! So the girls did all they can to give back his ashes. But all of the sudden, the girls did give back some of his ashes. So now Kazuki can do physical things, such as touch and eat. But Dr. Akai said that if they give back all of Kazuki's ashes, he'll lose his memory. So what can they do?

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