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Character Profile: Shino Akai

USA Info
Japanese Info
Shino Akai Shino Akai Shino Akai (Maburaho)
Human Human
Female Female
About 22-24 years old About 22-24 years old
Black Black
Yellow Yellow
About 5'0" About 152 cm
Ghost collector Ghost collector
"You can't escape!"  
Monica Rial Yoshino
Maburaho Maburaho

Character Description: Shino Akai

Shino Akai is a ghost collector. She is obsessed of collecting ghosts. One day, Kazuki was walking outside and Shino came and frightened him. Then Kazuki got caught and was sent back to class.

Later, Kazuki got all sad and went under the willow tree and saw Shino again. This time Shino takes Kazuki into an abandoned school, and while they were having tea, Shino says that she wants him. Then Yuna, Kuriko, and Rin came in, so Shino gives Kazuki a kiss on the right cheek, leaving her lipstick behind so she can try and get Kazuki back to the abandoned school.

When Kazuki came back, he went into a room with all the ghosts caught, and Shino was trying to get Kazuki and add him to her ghosts collection. Then the girls came back again, and Dr. Akai, too. Dr. Akai claims Shino is his little sister. So later Shino becomes Dr. Akai's assistant.

Character Description: Shino Akai

Shino Akai is a ghost collector. When she saw Kazuki, she introduced herself, and asked Kazuki to go to an old school building. While having tea, she asked Kazuki to be part of her collection. Of course he said no. So later, Shino gets impatient, tells him to come back to the old school building. As he did, he went in a room, and was trapped. As Shino explodes the building, the girls come and save him.

That doesn't stop Shino, she has more plans. By kidnapping the girls, and kill them in hot purple-like liquid, set traps at a field trip, and so on. But now, Shino is not just a ghost collector, she's Dr. Akai's assistant. As an assistant, she completely drops the ghost collection, but not working, she tries to kidnap Kazuki again.

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