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Yuna MiyamaYuna Miyama (夕菜 宮間)Yuna Miyama (Maburaho)
17 years old17 years old
About 5'3"About 160 cm
2nd year student at Aoi Academy2nd year student at Aoi Academy
"I am Kazuki's wife!""I am Kazuki's wife!"
Jessica Boone

Character Description: Yuna Miyama

Despite her sweet 'n bubbly personality and innocent looks, Yuna Miyama is one tough customer when it comes to love. She declares herself Kazuki's one and only, and intends to keep it that way.

But unlike the other girls, Yuna is not after Kazuki for his genes. She really does LOVE the loser! You see, when she was a child, she had to move away, which she was not keen on doing. In fact, she cried and ran away from home. Kazuki finds her, and cheers her up by using magic to make snow. At first, she wanted him to grant her the wish of not having to move. Since he couldn't do that, he granted her second wish: she wanted to see snow. Delighted, she oh-so-innocently promises him that she'll be his wife someday.

Well, someday is NOW! Can she keep her promise?

Character Description: Yuna Miyama

Yuna Miyama met Kazuki Shikimori when she was young, but had to move away just after they met. She had two wishes- One of which was to make it so that she didn't have to move. Since Kazuki couldn't grant it, she asked him to make it snow. When he did, she promised to become his wife when they grew up.

Her family has changed to Western ways, and is being punished for it, so she seeks Kazuki's genes to give birth to the greatest magician ever so that her family will be saved. She's very nice and she puts up with most of Kazuki's blunders, except when it comes to two things- Kazuki with girls, and Kazuki using magic. She is completely dedicated to Kazuki, and will do whatever it takes to keep him safe and alive.

Character Description: Yuna Miyama

Yuna is a 2nd year student who claims to be Kazuki's wife. Every time when Kuriko or any other girl goes near him, she gets mad. She's always worried about Kazuki when he uses his magic. But when Kazuki turned to ash, Yuna gets even more worried, and later in the series, she gets more angry.

So Yuna tries to find a way to get Kazuki's ashes back. But when Kazuki had 2 uses left, Yuna tries to find a way to increase his spell count. However, Yuna did gave some of Kazuki's ashes back, but Kazuki will lose his memory if his ashes return completely. What can Yuna do?

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