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Anime Profile: Macross 7

USA Info
Japanese Info
Macross 7 Macross 7(マクロス7) Macross 7
49 TV episodes, 7 OVA episodes(Encore & Dynamite), 1 movie 49 TV episodes, 7 OVA episodes(Encore & Dynamite), 1 movie
  Oct. 16, 1994–Sept. 24, 1995
  Ashi Pro, Bandai Visual, Big West, Studio Nue
  Shoji Kawamori
  Tetsuro Amino, Masami Shimoda
Adventure, Comedy, Mecha Adventure, Comedy, Mecha
-- listed below -- -- listed below --
Nekki Basara Nekki Basara
· · ·
Sally S. Ford Sally S. Ford(Macross)
· · ·
Exedol Folmo Exedol Folmo
· · ·
Flower Girl Flower Girl
· · ·
Gabil Physica Gabil Physica
· · ·
-- more listed below -- -- more listed below --

Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Anime Characters: Macross 7

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Nekki Basara Nekki Basara Maximillian Jenius Maximillian Jenius
Sally S. Ford Sally S. Ford(Macross) Miho Miho
Exedol Folmo Exedol Folmo Millia Fallyna Jenius Millia Fallyna Jenius
Flower Girl Flower Girl Mylene Flare Jenius Mylene Flare Jenius
Gabil Physica Gabil Physica Ray Lovelock Ray Lovelock
Gamlin Kizaki Gamlin Kizaki Veffidas Feaze Veffidas Feaze
Gepelnich Gepelnich    

Anime Description: Macross 7

Thirty-five years after Lynn Minmay helped bring a peaceful end to the devastating war with the Zentradi, humanity stretches out and explores the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Macross 7 tells the story of Nekki Basara and his famous band known as "Firebomber." They live in the Macross 7, a ship that is searching for other worlds.

However, the peace doesn't last and City 7 is attacked by a mysterious alien force called the Protodevilin, who attack their victims by stealing their Spiritia rendering them in a zombie-like state. However, Basara believes that his music holds a greater power and heads out into the battlefield expecting both friends and enemies to be moved by his music. Will Basara be able to hold his own against this new enemy, and will his methods of dealing with the Protodevilin truly be the key?

Audio Files: Macross 7

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