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Nekki BasaraNekki Basara (熱気バサラ)Nekki Basara (Macross 7)Nekki Basara (Macross 7)
21 years old21 years old
Dark BrownDark Brown
Wild AmberWild Amber
6'0"184 cm
165.3 lbs75 kg
Type BType B
Lead Singer and Guitarist for FirebomberLead Singer and Guitarist for Firebomber
"Listen to my song!""Watashi no uta wo kike!!" ("Listen to my song!")
Nobutoshi Kanna, Yoshiki Fukuyama (singing voice)
Episode 1 "Speaker Pod"Episode 1 "Speaker Pod"
Macross 7Macross 7

Character Description: Nekki Basara

Nekki Basara is the main protagonist of Macross 7, and the lead singer and Guitarist for the band Firebomber. He originally grew up on Earth in the mountains of Japan. Living as an orphan, he traveled with nothing but the Acoustic Guitar on his back. Basara has a strong belief in the power of music, believing it can solve any problem and overcome any obstacle. He then met an Ex-UN Spacy Valkyrie pilot named Ray Lovelock, who was impressed with his talent and pure determination. Together with Mylene Jenius and Veffidas Feaze they formed the band Firebomber, who currently reside in the colony of City 7.

Along with his talents as a musician, Basara is also a talented pilot, though no one knows where that skill came from. He has his own customized VF-19 Fire Valkyrie, complete with a control system made to represent a guitar. However, he uses it outside of military support. Basara is a born pacifist and detests the use of weapons. Instead, his weapons are customized to shoot special "Speaker Pods" that transmit his singing to targets. Instead of fighting Basara always wishes to win his enemies over with his music, much to the confusion and dismay of the military. Even then during the war with the Protodevlin, his method never changes, though its not until late in the series that his singing actually produces effective results against them, due to the use of Spiritia, the same energy that the Protodevilin drain from their victims. The special unit "Sound Force" is developed where each Firebomber pilots a special Valkyrie modified to use the same weapons as Basara.

Basara is a free spirit who cares for nothing other than his music, and is usually oblivious to things happening around him. (Even to the point where he is constantly late to his concerts.) He also has little regard for military rules and is very passionate about his music and uses it to express himself and his moods. Basara also cares very little for fame, even after playing a vital role in ending the Protodevlin War.

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