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Macross DeltaMacross Delta (マクロスΔ)Macross Delta
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Macross ΔMacross Δ
26 TV Episodes (not yet known)26 TV Episodes (not yet known)
December 31, 2015 (0.89 Preview), April 3, 2016 (Series Premiere)
Satelight, Big West, Studio Nue, Bandai Visual, Tokyo MX
Shoji Kawamori
Kenji Yasuda, Shoji Kawamori
Action, Drama, Mecha, Sci-FiAction, Drama, Mecha, Sci-Fi
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Arad Mölders ⊕ Arad Mölders ⊕
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Bogue Con-Vaart ⊕ Bogue Con-Vaart ⊕
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Characters: Macross Delta

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Arad Mölders ⊕ Arad Mölders ⊕ Makina Nakajima ⊕ Makina Nakajima ⊕
Bogue Con-Vaart ⊕ Bogue Con-Vaart ⊕ Messer Ihlefeld ⊕ Messer Ihlefeld ⊕
Chuck Mustang ⊕ Chuck Mustang ⊕ Mikumo Guynemer ⊕ Mikumo Guynemer ⊕
Ernest Johnson ⊕ Ernest Johnson ⊕ Mirage Farina Jenius ⊕ Mirage Farina Jenius ⊕
Freyja Wion ⊕ Freyja Wion ⊕ Reina Prowler ⊕ Reina Prowler ⊕
Hayate Immelman ⊕ Hayate Immelman ⊕ Roid Brehm ⊕ Roid Brehm ⊕
Kaname Buccaneer ⊕ Kaname Buccaneer ⊕ Theo Jussila ⊕ Theo Jussila ⊕
Keith Aero Windermere ⊕ Keith Aero Windermere ⊕ Xao Jussila ⊕ Xao Jussila ⊕

Description: Macross Delta

The latest in Shoji Kawamori's Macross saga takes place 8 years after the events of Macross Frontier. After the war with the Vajra, the galaxy is faced with a new threat known as the Var Syndrome, which is a mysterious and deadly illness that causes those that are infected to become inflicted with destructive rage. This disease has sprung in numerous planets and colonies around the Galaxy, placing everyone in a state of readiness and fear. However, a cure has come in the form of the Female Idol Group known as "Walkure," whose power of song has the ability to cure the Var Syndrome. Together they travel with the Delta Squadron in order to fend off the dangerous outbreak.

Macross Delta focuses on Freyja, a young girl aspiring to become a part of Walkure, and Hayate, a talented young man who still has yet to find his place in the Galaxy. After the latest attack of the Var outbreak, they meet Walkure and the Delta Squadron, joining them in their efforts to rescue victims of the Var Syndrome. However, they also face opposition from a rebel group of Valkyrie pilots known as the Knights of Wind, who want to stop Walkure for reasons unknown.

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