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Macross FrontierMacross F (γƒžγ‚―γƒ­γ‚ΉF)Macross Frontier
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Macross F
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Macross Frontier the Movie: The False SongstressMacross Frontier Gekijō-ban ~Itsuwari no Utahime~ (γƒžγ‚―γƒ­γ‚ΉF θ™šη©Ίζ­Œε§«ο½žγ‚€γƒ„γƒ―γƒͺγƒŽγ‚¦γ‚Ώγƒ’γƒ‘ο½ž)
· · ·
Macross Frontier the Movie: The Wings of GoodbyeMacross Frontier Gekijō-ban ~Sayonara no Tsubasa~ (γƒžγ‚―γƒ­γ‚ΉF ζ‹ι›’ι£›ηΏΌο½žγ‚΅γƒ¨γƒŠγƒ©γƒŽγƒ„γƒγ‚΅ο½ž)
25 TV Episodes, 2 movies25 TV Episodes, 2 movies
Dec 23, 2007 (Anniversary Special)
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Apr 3–Sept 25, 2008 (Series Premiere)
Big West, Satelight, Studio Nue, JVC Victor Ent.
Shoji Kawamori
Shoji Kawamori (chief director), Yasuhito Kikuchi
Action, Drama, Mecha, Sci-FiAction, Drama, Mecha, Sci-Fi
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Alto Saotome βŠ• Alto Saotome βŠ•
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Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Characters: Macross Frontier

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Alto Saotome βŠ• Alto Saotome βŠ• Luca Angeloni βŠ• Luca Angeloni βŠ•
Bobby Margo βŠ• Bobby Margo βŠ• Mikhail Buran βŠ• Mikhail Buran βŠ•
Brera Sterne βŠ• Brera Sterne βŠ• Mina Roshan βŠ• Mina Roshan βŠ•
Grace O'Connor βŠ• Grace O'Connor βŠ• Monica Lange βŠ• Monica Lange βŠ•
Howard Glass βŠ• Howard Glass βŠ• Nanase Matsuura βŠ• Nanase Matsuura βŠ•
Jeffery Wilder βŠ• Jeffery Wilder βŠ• Ozma Lee βŠ• Ozma Lee βŠ•
Kanaria Berstein βŠ• Kanaria Berstein βŠ• Ram Hoa βŠ• Ram Hoa βŠ•
Kathy Glass βŠ• Kathy Glass βŠ• Ranka Lee βŠ• Ranka Lee βŠ•
Klein Klan βŠ• Klein Klan βŠ• Sheryl Nome βŠ• Sheryl Nome βŠ•
Leon Mishima βŠ• Leon Mishima βŠ•

Description: Macross Frontier

Macross Frontier is the latest entry of the Macross series, created in celebration of the series' 25th Anniversary.

At the end of Space War I, humanity nearly faced annihilation after the devestating war with the Zentraedi. As a result, mankind set out to explore and colonize in space with the Megaroad colonization project. Many new planets and civilizations were discovered in the process. Taking place in 2059 A.D., (after the events of Macross 7) Macross Frontier chronicles the events of the Frontier fleet settled near the center of the galaxy.

The Frontier fleet is anticipating the appearance of the famous Galactic pop idol Sheryl Nome. However, the peace is quickly shattered when the Frontier comes under attack from a mysterious and relentless alien army known as the Vajra. A young pilot trainee named Alto Saotome is unwittingly pulled into this new battle in the process.

But what are the Vajra and what are their true purpose? And will the forces of the Frontier fleet stand a chance against them?

Audio Files: Macross Frontier

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