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Character Profile: Princess Emeraude

USA Info
Japanese Info
Princess Emeraude Emeraude-hime Princess Emeraude (Magic Knight Rayearth)
Pillar of Cephiro Pillar of Cephiro
Cephirian Cephirian
Female Female
Ancient Ancient
Blonde Blonde
Blue(Green in the manga) Blue(Green in the manga)
5'6" 168 cm
Princess Princess
"Please...save Cephiro!"  
Wendee Lee Megumi Ogata
Magic Knight Rayearth Maho Kishi Rayearth

Character Description: Princess Emeraude

Princess Emeraude is the reason the Magic Knights are on Cephiro to begin with. She carries the position of the "Pillar of Cephiro". She is the support upon which the entire land of Cephiro stands. The condition of Cephiro is a reflection of the condition in her heart. As long as she is praying for the land's well-being, Cephiro remains healthy.

The trouble with such a setup is that Emeraude, despite the great responsibility she carries, is only human. She is expected to devote her whole being to Cephiro, but when her heart begins to yearn for a man, things begin to go wrong. That devotion does not allow for love, so when Emeraude fell for Zagato, she was caught in a terrible vice, and as a result, Cephiro begins to reflect that strife. Praying for a way out, she sent out a prayer to harken the strings of destiny...and this was how Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu were drawn into Cephiro.

What will stun the Magic Knights the most as their quest draws to a close is the exact reason she brought them here: their true destiny as the legendary Magic Knights. It has to do with the fact that, once the position of "Pillar of Cephiro" is taken, there really is only one way out. Especially for the emotional Hikaru, learning that way out will go against everything they believed.

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