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Negi SpringfieldNegi SpringfieldNegi Springfield (Magic Teacher Negima!)
9 years old (born 1994) (source: DVD profile)9 years old (born 1994) (source: DVD profile)
4'1"124 cm
Type AB (source: DVD profile)Type AB (source: DVD profile)
"Girls please settle down"
Greg AyresRina Satou
Magic Teacher Negima!Mahou Sensei Negima!

Character Description: Negi Springfield

Negima is about a 10 year old wizard who gets sent to Japan to teach an all girls' high school. Every girl thinks he's extremely cute except for the hot headed Asuna Kagurazaka. She's the only person who knows that Negi is training to become a wizard. But if things go wrong, then she'll tell the whole school that Negi is magical... which is bad.

Editor's Note: Volume #1 of the manga states that Negi is actually 9 years old, and that he tells the girls he's 10 so that he sounds older, since he's technically on his tenth year (his first year starting when he was born). In Japan, people sometimes count from New Year's so it adds a year to their age. This simply means that counting from New Year's, Negi is 10 years old, but truly he is still nine and his birthday hasn't come yet. This happens in Episode Four: There Is No Place Like Home.

Character Description: Negi Springfield

Negi is the main character of Negima, a prodigy 10 year old mage. After his graduation in magic school, he is sent to Japan to be an English teacher, as a test. He ends up as 2-A's teacher, which proves to be quite a challenge, especially with his complicated relationship with Asuna (since she does discover Negi's secret, after all). Over time, they form a good friendship with each other as they work together in Negi's adventures.

When he was only 4 years old, his village was invaded by countless demons and witnessed people being turned into stone. But Nagi, the Thousand Master, repelled the demons and saved Nekane, Negi's sister from this fate. Negi recognizes him as his father, who Nekane always mentioned, and the staff that Negi carries is proof of his meeting with the Thousand Master. Negi strives to become a Magister Magi in hopes of finding his father once again.

Negi is kind and polite, but also very stubborn and rushes in or panics before thinking. In the manga, Negi trains to be a "Magic swordsman" (or magic fighter) mage style with Evangeline, and learns kenpo, style Hakkyokuken (Pa khua zang), with Ku Fei. With the anime version of the series, there is much less of a focus on his training style and more attention given to Negi's interaction with the girls in general.

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