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Anime Profile: Magical Doremi Mo~tto

USA Info
Japanese Info
Magical Doremi Mo~ttoOjamajo Doremi Mo~tto (も~っと!おジャ魔女どれみ)Magical Doremi Mo~tto
50 TV episodes
Comedy, FantasyComedy, Fantasy
Magical DoReMiOjamajo Doremi
· · ·
Magical DoReMi #Ojamajo Doremi #
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Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Characters: Magical Doremi Mo~tto

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Dorie Goodwyn Doremi Harukaze Reanne Griffith Hazuki Fujiwara
Lorelei Lala Caitlyn Goodwyn ⊕ Poppu Harukaze ⊕
Mirabelle Haywood Aiko Senoo Ellie Craft ⊕ Onpu Segawa ⊕
Momoko Asuka Momoko Asuka --?-- Hana-chan ⊕
Patina Majorika

Description: Magical Doremi Mo~tto

This is a series called Ojamajo Doremi Mo~tto. Ojamajo is a made up Japanese word and it stands for Ojama (Bothersome) Majo (Witch). The title itself is a pun to say that the main character is an Ojamajo. This is the sequel to Ojamajo Doremi #, which sequels Ojamajo Doremi.

With this new series comes a new character named Momoko Asuka, and with Momoko comes a problem. Momoko is Japanese but has always lived in America and speaks only English. Momoko used to be the apprentice for another witch but she passed away and in her final moments gave Momoko an earring. Momoko refuses to take it off and when the teachers tells her to take it off she refuses and slaps the teacher.

The only way the girls can communicate with Momoko is with there TWO new costumes. This season their shop is a pastry shop and the girls have pastry outfits (along with there witch outfits). On the pastry outfit is a head set that translates the two languages.

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