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Anime Profile: Magical Princess Gigi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Magical Princess Gigi Magic Princess Minky Momo(魔法のプリンセス )("Mahou No Magical Princess Minky Momo") Magical Princess Gigi
· · ·
  Mahou No Magical Princess Minky Momo
1 movie 63 TV episodes(first series), 62 TV episodes(second series)
1982 March 18, 1982–1983(first series)
· · ·
  1991–1992(second series)
Harmony Gold  
  Takeshi Shudo
  Kunihiko Yuyama
Comedy, Drama, Fantasy Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
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Anime Characters: Magical Princess Gigi

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Gigi Minky Mmo --?-- Brenda Jo
King of Fenarinasa King of Fenarinasa --?-- Mocha
Mama Mama --?-- Pipuru
Papa Papa --?-- Shindobukku
Queen of Fenarinarsa Queen of Fenarinasa    

Anime Description: Magical Princess Gigi

Minky Momo is a very famous magical-girl anime. Minky Momo comes from Fenarinasa, the land of dreams in the sky, down to Earth to helps spread goodness through people's dreams. She has a magic candy cane that, when she uses it, she become an adult.

But then she gets hit by a truck, and is reborn into a human girl to the childless parents she lived with in the first place. There is another Minky Momo from Marinasa in the second series. It's a very cute little anime.

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