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V-1046R MahoroV-1046R MahoroV-1046R Mahoro (Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden)
Mahoro AndoMahoro Ando
9.8 years old (appears 19)9.8 years old (appears 19)
Dark PurpleDark Purple
"I think dirty thoughts are really, really bad!"
Ellen WilkinsonAyako Kawasumi
Mahoromatic: Automatic MaidenMahoromatic
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Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden - Something More BeautifulMahoromatic - Something More Beautiful
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Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden - Summer SpecialMahoromatic - TV Special

Character Description: V-1046R Mahoro

V-1046R Mahoro wasn't just any battle android for VESPAR... she was the BEST! In the secret long conflict between VESPAR and Saint, she had done more and saved more lives than any other. And through all the carnage and destruction she had witnessed, Mahoro had maintained an air of optimism. She shared the leader of VESPAR's vision that the people and Saint could become great friends.

One of the friends she had made during her tour of duty was one of VESPAR's commanders, Ryou Misato. It was through long talks she had while Cmdr. Misato was fishing that she learned about life... as well as inadvertently believing that all obscene thoughts were bad. It was during a point when Cmdr. Misato was trying to hide his dirty books from his wife by hiding them at VESPAR headquarters that he absently told Mahoro (who had stumbled onto the collection) that all dirty thoughts were bad. The pure hearted android took his message to heart-and promptly disposed of the commander's magazines, much to his disappointment. Not long after that incident, Cmdr. Misato learned that his wife had been killed in a hit-and-run accident-and after that, both him and Mahoro were involved in a battle in which a battle android from Saint had threatened to launch nuclear missiles from a base in Arizona. Cmdr. Misato was being held hostage by the android and Mahoro was trying to stop it. Finally, she was forced to shoot the android to stop it... killing Cmdr. Misato in the process. She had no choice – Cmdr. Misato ordered her to do it.

Mahoro never fully recovered from that day. For four years afterward, she would visit the graves of Cmdr. and Mrs. Misato, to clean the graves and leave bell flowers there. Their orphaned son Suguru, who never knew of his father's involvement with VESPAR, was mystified by this, because Mahoro would be gone when HE'D visit the graves, so he referred to Mahoro as "the Bell Flower Lady."

Four years after Cmdr. Misato's death, Mahoro was facing her own "death", when her power reserves began to run low. The leader of VESPAR, who was also Suguru's maternal grandfather, gave her the option of either continuing to fight – in which she would be "dead" within a month, or accept another duty and live for 398 days. As her own penitence for causing Cmdr. Misato's death, Mahoro decided to become a maid for his son Suguru.

Personality wise, Mahoro is bright, cheerful, and typical of androids VERY truthful... so she had to make a slight adjustment to keep from Suguru's friends from learning her true origins. She also has a few insecurities... particularly her lack of an ample bustline, as Suguru's very sleazy teacher, Ms. Shikijo keeps taunting her about.

Mahoro's cleaning skills are excellent – which came in handy, since Suguru's home was known as "the haunted house" because it was so messy. As for her cooking, she can mimic the best cooks in the world. The one thing Suguru would like to see Mahoro get over is her belief that dirty thoughts are bad, because Mahoro would confiscate any dirty comic that he would attempt to smuggle into the house.

Because of her new duties, Mahoro sees no need to use her combat skills. But occasionally, some incident would occur, and she would be forced to use her skills to protect Suguru and his friends – she just have to keep it a secret. She still has access to VESPAR's extensive weapon arsenal, from a VERY large machine pistol (with ammo belt), to her support mecha Slash, who stays at the Misato house. She also has one weapon that is integrated into her body... the ability to use her right hand as a laser sword... but that weapon uses a lot of her life energy, so if she has to be forced to use that weapon... it could be her last!

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