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Anime Profile: My-HiME

USA Info
Japanese Info
My-HiME Mai-HiME(舞-HiME) My-HiME
  26 TV episodes
Bandai Ent.(original licensor), FUNimation(new licensor) Sunrise/TV Tokyo
  Hajime Yatate
  Masakazu Ohara
Action, Fantasy, Romance Action, Fantasy, Romance
My-Otome Mai-Otome
Alyssa Searrs Alyssa Searrs
· · ·
Arika Yumemiya Arika Yumemiya
· · ·
Mai Tokiha Mai Tokiha
· · ·
Midori Sugiura Midori Sugiura
· · ·
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Anime Characters: My-HiME

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Alyssa Searrs Alyssa Searrs Shizuru Fujino Shizuru Fujino
Arika Yumemiya Arika Yumemiya Yuichi Tate Yuuichi Tate
Mai Tokiha Mai Tokiha Fumi Himeno Fumi Himeno
Midori Sugiura Midori Sugiura Miyu Greer Miyu Greer
Mikoto Minagi Mikoto Minagi Nagi Homura Nagi Homura
Natsuki Kuga Natsuki Kuga Shiho Munakata Shiho Munakata
Nina Wang Nina Wang Sister Yukariko Sister Yukariko
Reito Kanzaki Reito Kanzaki Takumi Tokiha Takumi Tokiha

Anime Description: My-HiME

Fuuka Academy... on the surface, a prestigious learning institution, but unknown to most of the student body, it is a place where several young girls who have the power to summon weapons called elements have been gathered. Girls who can see a bright red star in the sky. Girls known as HiME.

Among these HiME, three in particular come to our attention... Mikoto Minagi, who came to Fuuka Academy in search of her older brother, Natsuki Kuga, who is aware of the true purpose of the HiME, and Mai Tokiha, who came with her younger brother Takumi, barely realizing that she herself is a HiME.

Anime Description: My-HiME

This series is about twelve so-called HiME's, which are girls that happen to be gifted with the power to materialize weapons of destruction from out of thin air. The main character, Mai Tokiha, is drawn involuntarily into a world where she has to fight monsters in order to survive, as well as protecting her baby brother. While Mai quickly ends up gaining the affection of two boys (one which she starts to date eventually) the first person that she actually "kisses" is in fact a girl.

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