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Character Profile: Midori Sugiura

USA Info
Japanese Info
Midori Sugiura Midori Sugiura(杉浦碧) Midori Sugiura (Mai-HiME)
"The HiME of the wind" "The HiME of the wind"
Human Human
Female Female
24 years old(claims to be 17) 24 years old(claims to be 17)
Red Red
Light green Light green
5'2" 157 cm
99.2 lbs 45 kg
Type B Type B
HiME; teacher; archaeologist; waitress HiME; teacher; archaeologist; waitress
"I've hit the jackpot!" "Gakutenou!"
Mariette Sluyter Yukari Tamura
Episode 4: Mischief of the Wind Episode 4: Kaze no Itazura(風のイ·タ·ズ·ラ)
Mai-HiME Mai-HiME

Character Description: Midori Sugiura

Midori is one of the 12 HiME and also an avid archaeologist. She says that she's 17 (though no one believes her), but she's really 24 years old. She's also the oldest HiME of the bunch, and has more experience as a HiME than the other girls in the group. Arrogant and leader-like (though she's not very good at it), she cares deeply about the other HiME. She claims to be a fighter of justice, and even gathers all the known HiME at the time, to become a group that'll fight against all of the Orphans.

Originally Midori plans to go back to college, but in episode 5, there's a bus accident which leaves Mai's homeroom teacher in critical condition. Because of that, Midori decides to stay and eventually becomes Mai's substitute and later official homeroom teacher, teaching Japanese history. Midori is friends with the school nurse, Yohko Sagisawa, ever since their college days. They're seen most of the time drinking (and getting really drunk) with each other, though Youko is seen drinking a lot more alcohol than Midori does.

Midori is also one of Mai's coworkers at the Linden Baum restaurant, though most of the time Midori's seen falling and breaking dishes, saying that being a waitress is something she has never really done before.

Her Child is Gakutenou and her Element is a labrys (which she tends to use in a more arrogant and leader-like style than just fighting as a HiME)

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