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Anime Profile: Maken-ki! Battling Venus

USA Info
Japanese Info
Maken-ki! Battling Venus Maken-ki!(マケン姫っ!) Maken-ki! Battling Venus
23 TV episodes(two seasons), 2 OVA episodes 23 TV episodes(two seasons), 2 OVA episodes
November 12, 2013 October 4, 2011–December 20, 2011
FUNimation Kadokawa Shoten, Kadokawa Pictures, AIC, The Klock Worx, AT-X, Maken Project
  Hiromitsu Takeda(武田 弘光)
  Koichi Ohata(大畑 晃一)
Comedy, Ecchi, Romance Comedy, Ecchi, Romance
Akaya Kodai Akaya Kodai
· · ·
Aki Nijo Aki Nijo
· · ·
Azuki Shinatsu Azuki Shinatsu
· · ·
Chacha Akaza Chacha Akaza
· · ·
Furan Takaki Furan Takaki
· · ·
Gen Tagayashi Gen Tagayashi
· · ·
Haruko Amaya Haruko Amaya
· · ·
Inaho Kushiya Inaho Kushiya
· · ·
Kai Kurigasa Kai Kurigasa
· · ·
Kengo Usui Kengo Usui
· · ·
Kimi Sato Kimi Sato
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Maken-ki! Battling Venus

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Akaya Kodai Akaya Kodai Kengo Usui Kengo Usui
Aki Nijo Aki Nijo Kimi Sato Kimi Sato
Azuki Shinatsu Azuki Shinatsu Kodama Himegami Kodama Himegami
Chacha Akaza Chacha Akaza Minori Rojuko Minori Rojuko
Furan Takaki Furan Takaki Takeru Oyama Takeru Oyama
Gen Tagayashi Gen Tagayashi Tomika Amado Tomika Amado
Haruko Amaya Haruko Amaya Uruchi Minaya Uruchi Minaya
Inaho Kushiya Inaho Kushiya Yuka Amado Yuka Amado
Kai Kurigasa Kai Kurigasa    

Anime Description: Maken-ki! Battling Venus

Tenbi Academy is not your average Japanese high school. The students there practice magical energies called Elements, as well as weapons known as Makens, and as such participate in sanctioned duels with each other to master these. It WAS originally an ALL-GIRLS school, but this year was converted to a co-ed format, so now the school has its first male students.

Takeru Oyama, a sweet but perverted boy who had suffered through an all-boys junior high, is more than delighted now that he is in this school filled with beautiful girls. He is also reunited with an old friend of his, the buxom, yet earnest Haruko Ayama. However, it isn't long before two other girls take notice of him – Kodama Himegami, a popular student who, for some strange reason, wants to kill him. The other, Inaho Kushiya, a sweet girl who claims to be Takeru's fiancee! And there's still the busty Haruko, who wishes to protect her friend from these unwanted intruders. In time, it is discovered that Takeru possesses special abilities of his own... something that may come in handy when the dark secret of Tenbi Academy is discovered!

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