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Alice 19thAlice 19th
Yu Watase
Action, RomanceAction, Romance
Alice SenoAlice Seno
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Manga Description: Alice 19th

Alice Seno while walking to school rushes to save a rabbit only to be saved herself by Kyô Wakamiya. Alice is shy and thinks her sister is better and prettier. Her sister Mayura joined the archery club but Alice is too shy and scared to do the same. Her sister confesses to Kyô and tells Mayura he’ll give her his answer the next day. Alice learning of this convinces him to go ahead and date her. Alice soon meets the same rabbit she saved and it turns into a bunny girl called Nyozeka. She tells Alice that she is a Lotis Master and must Master all 24 words. Soon after this Mayura discovers Alice too likes Kyô, so she tells Alice she should get a boyfriend and sets her up with a guy. He wasn’t such a nice guy and she was to be saved by Kyo. This angers Mayura into telling Alice she was a burden to Kyo and only saved her because she was her little sister. Alice gets angry and tells Mayura she hates her and wishes she’d disappear…and she does! Mayura goes to Kyo but when she feels that he too was rejecting her in favor of Alice runs into a mysterious darkness. It is soon after this that Nyozeka discovers Kyo too is a Lotis Master.

Things heat up when a boy named Frey Weilhausen shows up and declares Alice to be his fiancé. He turns out to be both a pervert and a flirt he’s also a really nice guy. He tells Alice and Kyo that they are Neo-Masters as they can use Lotis words but have never trained. Together they set out to learn the lotis words and hope to save Mayura form Maram the dark form of Lotis.

Mayura meets Maram Masters and together they form a barrier and make Tokyo Municipal Building their strong hold. After Alice is wounded trying to save Mayura Kyo and Frey meet a boy named Chris who turns out also to be a Lotis Master and heals Alice with the healing Lotis word. He is one of three bodyguards sent to help protect the Neo-Masters.

As they waited till they got stronger they finally got their chance and were able to free Mayura…or so they thought. In reality she knows all the Maram words and her physical form never left the Tokyo Municipal Building her spirit took over a Maram Master. She soon learns that Alice does love Kyo and is going to confess. Angry and Jealous she places a curse on Kyo, so that if anyone other than her says the word love hatred will consume him and kill him.

Now that Alice finally has the courage to tell him and just as Kyo himself has realized his own feelings for Alice, she is forced to reject him till he can release the anger in his heart and breaks the curse or Mayura releases him.

They soon learn that the Dark Maram Lord Darva is planning on consuming Mayura and be reborn in the real world and release the darkness in everyone’s hearts. The only hope is for Kyo and Alice to discover the Lost Words foretold in an ancient prophecy.

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