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Alice SenoAlice SenoAlice Seno (Alice 19th)
15 years old (born March 19)15 years old (born March 19)
5'2"157 cm
Type AType A
Book 1Book 1
Alice 19thAlice 19th

Character Description: Alice Seno

Alice despite being the youngest was often overlooked by her parents in favor of her older sister. Even at school she is only known as Mayura's little sister. Her hobby is emailing and texting but doesn't having any close friends due to fear of rejection.

One day on the way to school Alice spots a rabbit in the middle of the road. She rushes into the street and grabs the rabbit but freezes as a car speeds towards them. Thankfully they were both saved by Kyô Wakamiya. Alice never wanting anyone to reject her is never honest with her feelings, so when she learns that night that her sister Mayura and her both like Kyô and Mayura wants to tell him she loves him Alice encourages her. Alice decides she too will confess her own feelings for Kyô but when her sister shows up she loses her nerve and leaves hearing her sister confess her love for him.

That night at home Alice learns Kyô neither accepted nor rejected Mayura. She leaves and runs into Kyô and instead of confessing her own feelings, convinces him to go out with Mayura. After leaving Kyô and berating herself for lack of courage, the rabbit Alice saved appears telling her as a rabbit girl and tells her she does have courage as proved by her saving the rabbit. She tells Alice that she is a Lotis Master and must Master all 24 words.

Mayura soon after finds a picture of Kyô in Alice's room confronts Alice telling her she needs a boyfriend and has the perfect guy. Not wanting to hurt her sister and hoping to get over Kyô she agrees to date the boy. Alice herself believes her sister is prettier and the day after agreeing to date this guy, he tries to force himself on her and she's saved by Kyô. Upset that night Mayura yells at Alice for never telling her feelings and then Mayura said Kyô only helped her because Alice was her little sister. Angry Alice wishes Mayura would just disappear and she does!

Alice then starts looking for her but finds she has been taken by the Master of the dark words. With the help of Kyô a boy named Frey who proclaims she's his fiancé they start to try to find Mayura and save her from the darkness.

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