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WishWish (ο½žγ‚¦γ‚£γƒƒγ‚·γƒ₯~)Wish
Drama, Fantasy, RomanceDrama, Fantasy, Romance
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Manga Characters: Wish

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Hari βŠ• Hari βŠ• Koryu βŠ• Koryu βŠ•
Hisui βŠ• Hisui βŠ• Ruri βŠ• Ruri βŠ•
Kohaku βŠ• Kohaku βŠ• Shuichiro βŠ• Shuichiro βŠ•
Kokuyo βŠ• Kokuyo βŠ•

Manga Description: Wish

Shuichiro is a human surgeon who was walking home from the hospital he works at late one night. Whilst he's walking home, he saw a chibi girl being attacked by a crow. After he saved her, she tells him she is really an angel named Kohaku and that she now owes him one wish. Shuichiro then tells Kohaku his life is just fine and he wants no wish. She tells him she will ask him again in the morning.

The next morning she appears to him as a beautiful woman and asks him again. He once again says his life is fine and he wants no wish. Kohaku then asks if she can stay with him until he decides what he wants, since she actually here on a mission to find Hisui, a missing angel. Kohaku manages to find Hisui, but she refuses to return to heaven because she has fallen in love with Kokuyo, the son of the devil, and have exiled themselves to Earth.

Hisui has left her angel status due to her sin. Hisui and Kokuyo have no place to stay so they stay with Kohaku and Shuichiro. Koryu, a devil, and his twin cats, Hari and Ruri, are searching for Kokuyo so they all live under the same roof now. When Kohaku and Shuichiro started becoming closer, Kohaku was called back to heaven and Koryu to hell for their failure to find two important people. Neither told God nor Satan about Hisui and Kokuyo because the relationship was forbidden. Will Kohaku disobey God and return to Earth to be with Shuichiro, the one she loves?

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