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Anime Profile: Maple Colors

USA Info
Japanese Info
Maple Colors Maple Colors Maple Colors
2 OVA episodes 2 OVA episodes
Critical Mass  
  Ryou Kanda
Hentai Hentai
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Amu Uzuki Amu Uzuki
· · ·
Hijiri Takano Hijiri Takano
· · ·
Kanako Sakamoto Kanako Sakamoto
· · ·
Kojiro Oishi Kojiro Oishi
· · ·
Mirai Aoi Mirai Aoi
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon and The Right Stuf.

Anime Characters: Maple Colors

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Amu Uzuki Amu Uzuki Sora Suzahara Sora Suzahara
Hijiri Takano Hijiri Takano Tofu Tounan Tofu Tounan
Kanako Sakamoto Kanako Sakamoto Yoshijiro Saku Ryoujiro Saku
Kojiro Oishi Kojiro Oishi Yukihito Yukihito
Mirai Aoi Mirai Aoi Yumi Koukura Yumi Koukura
Momiji Akiho Momiji Akiho    

Anime Description: Maple Colors

A dark, vacant room in the high school, vacant except for two individuals, a confident red-haired man named Yukihito and the beautiful blond-haired, blue-eyed vice-president Yumeko. It is here that an unusual scene is taking place... well, unusual for real life, it's actually pretty typical for hentai. I'll give ya one guess to what it could be. Anywho, as Yumeko is pleasuring Yukihito, sounds from outside begin to creep in... sounds of someone getting beat up. Yumeko seems concerned... briefly, though Yukihito in unphased, and simply has Yumeko continue as Getaro, the poor kid outside, gets pounded by three freaky lookin' students.

Next, we cut to a hallway, where new transfer student Yoshijiro is walking to class with his instructor, Professor Kanako Sakamoto. Professor Sakamoto is attempting to subtly prepare him for all the graffiti he is about to witness on the walls of their classroom, but Yoshijiro is only focused on one thing: his teacher's big bouncing bosoms. As they arrive just outside the classroom, they're both shocked when one of the students, Mirai Aoi, busts out through the door wielding a baseball bat and goes flying past them screaming that she's going to beat someone to death. After catching Professor Sakamoto from falling (and getting and handful of boob in the process), he takes off after Mirai.

Yukihito and Yumeko are still having their fun when Mirai arrives on scene. After a few words, she ramps up to beat the crap out of the three freaks, but Yoshijiro arrives just in time to catch her bat and stop her from inflicting some series damage. Calling himself the "Transfer Student of Justice", he promptly steps in and gives one of the guys a solid boot to the head! Another one quickly takes off, but Yoshijiro catches the third guy before he can escape. Then, just as Yoshijiro's about to clobber him too, Yukihito and Yumeko come out... yes, fully clothed.

Seems the devious two-some are up to something, as they report the incident, though not as Yoshijiro saving a fellow student from abuse. Oh no, they report it as Yoshijiro using inexcusable violence against the three theater club members for no reason. What are those sleazeballs up to? Soon, it becomes clear.... Yukihito wants Mirai, but she won't have anything to do with him. The whole thing was a setup to get her in trouble! And now Professor Sakamoto's entire class is in trouble! The punishment: to be decided later.

Afterwards, Mirai and Yoshijiro discuss what just happened while walking along, attempting to figure out what exactly Yukihito is up to. Yoshijiro spies Getaro peeking around a corner them, and Getaro splits when he sees Yoshijiro notice. Yoshijiro takes off after him, but instead of finding the poor kid, he instead comes across a room with some unexpected sounds. The door is cracked open, so he takes a look inside, and is shocked by what he sees... two students, a guy and a girl, having a good old time together! Yoshijiro freaks when the girl notices him watching, but instead of screaming in terror, she just smiles and screams in pleasure.

Later, as Yoshijiro is wandering the halls trying to find his way back to his classroom, the voice from a female student at the top of the stairs calls down to him. When he turns toward the voice, he is presented with a lovely view under her skirt of her pretty yellow panties as she makes mention that he must be the new transfer student. Happy to finally meet someone who can show him where to go, he looks up a little further to realize it was the same girl he just saw getting satisfied in the classroom! Only, it turns out that she didn't get satisfied, so she invites him into a bathroom stall to finish the job. He gladly accepts.

And that's just the first half of the first episode!

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