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BabboBabboBabbo (MAR: Marchen Awakens Romance)
Hammer ArmHammer Arm
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Dagger ArmDagger Arm
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Bubble LauncherBubble Launcher
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Cushion JellyCushion Jelly
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Puss In BootsPuss In Boots
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Living ArmLiving Arm
Ginta's ArmGinta's Arm
"I am a Gentleman!!""I am a Gentleman!!"
Michael McConnohieBanjou Ginga
Episode 1Episode 1
MAR: Marchen Awakens RomanceMAR: Marchen Awakens Romance

Character Description: Babbo

Babbo is the former Arm of Phantom himself, and is the current partner of Ginta. He's the only living Arm around, and is considered as beyond priceless. He considers himself a gentleman, and can sometimes be manipulated by this. Other times, he can be seen offering good advice to Ginta and following with, "Did I look good just then?!"

Babbo is an Arm created in Kaldea in the shape of a Kendama (cup and ball game), which once carried the evil spirit that had been locked away. The spirit was taken from him and his memories erased before he was sealed away. When he was found by Ginta he often tried to leave him before realizing he was actually lucky to have Ginta around. Soon he becomes very loyal to him, to the point where he offers to have himself destroyed in order for Ginta to remained unharmed. He isn't, and in return works hard to become stronger, refusing the offer to return to Phantom many times.

Babbo's many aliases relate to the many forms he can take. These forms are unlocked by red gems which are claimed by Ginta and placed into sockets on Babbo's hammer. Each one allows Ginta to form a new "version" for Babbo out of his imagination.

Version 1: Dagger Arm/Hammer Arm--A Weapon Arm that is capable of switching between a blunt and bladed implement (thus its two names), this form fits itself like a gauntlet onto Ginta's right hand and allows Ginta to take advantage of his natural strength in purely physical attacks.

Version 2: Bubble Launcher--This Weapon Arm gives Ginta the ability to attack from a distance. Anyone who sees this Arm in action may be puzzled at why Ginta chose this design...until they discover that the Babbo-shaped bubbles it releases are explosive!

Version 3: Gargoyle--Ginta's first Guardian Arm, and a powerful one at that. Many thought Ginta bit off more than he could chew when he created Gargoyle, since maintaining such a huge and powerful form is unavoidably taxing on one's magical reserve, but Ginta proves tough enough to handle it, and his bouts using Gargoyle only help to make him stronger. Gargoyle itself is a formidable force, both physically powerful and capable of a massive breath beam attack.

Version 4: Alice--For the fourth form, Ginta chooses a form designed to help rather than harm. Babbo hates taking this form, but no one can deny the ingenious utility of this form. A Holy Guardian Arm, Alice's sacred aura has the ability to undo curses (even the nasty curse that merged Alan with Edward) and heal wounds.

Version 5: Cushion Jelly--A unique defensive Arm that defies classification (since its like is not seen anywhere else), Cushion Jelly surrounds Ginta with a large mass of nigh-impenetrable gelatin that protects him from all sorts of attacks.

Version 6: Puss in Boots--Ginta comes up with this Guardian Arm for his battle with Phantom in the finals of the War Games. Ginta really outdoes himself in creating an Arm that itself uses Arm to both attack opponents and protect Ginta.

Babbo is capable of a total of eight different forms. His final two versions are created at the end of the series, once Ginta gains hold of the necessary gems.

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