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DorothyDorothyDorothy (MAR: Marchen Awakens Romance)
15 years old15 years old
Witch/Sorceress; Princess of KaldeaWitch/Sorceress; Princess of Kaldea
Wendee LeeSaki Nakajima
Episode 1Episode 1
MAR: Marchen Awakens RomanceMAR: Marchen Awakens Romance

Character Description: Dorothy

The younger princess of Kaldea, the infamous witch Dorothy is known for stealing rare and valuable Arms, and is therefore feared by many. When she first meets Ginta she attacks him, thinking he must have a strong Arm. When she learns he doesn't, she decides to use him to get her the weapon known as "Babbo". When she learns she can't even carry it, let alone use it, she allows Ginta to have it and leaves.

However, she runs into them later and it's shown that she seems to have developed a fondness for Ginta that just keeps growing, which results in her launching herself at him, hugging and kissing him often. However, she can become very serious and very deadly, and it's only at Ginta's request that she agrees not to kill anyone she doesn't have to. This is because she has already sworn to kill a woman for a reason that is revealed later in the series. Even a few of her allies fear her, for both her amazing fighting abilities and her swift mood changes.

Character Description: Dorothy

This Dorothy is different from the one in The Wizard of Oz. First of all, she is a princess of the kingdom of Caldia. When her sister, Dianna leaves the kingdom taking along with her 798 arms, Dorothy had to follow an ancient law that a member of the traitor's own family must bring forth justice. This happened eight years ago.

Dorothy does have a lot of rare arms that she keeps in a dimension arm called zipper. When she meets Ginta, she uses a weapon arm called ring armor. When she sees that Ginta doesn't have any, she uses Ginta to help her get an arm called Babbo. As she and Ginta get to where Babbo was, a giant golem appeared, and she uses the guardian arm flying Leo. She does get the giant golem arm, and she lets Ginta have Babbo. Also she thought Babbo was an accessory because when Ginta asks Dorothy if arms ever talk, she responds, "Don't be ridiculous!!! A talking accessory would be disgusting!!" She also kisses Ginta.

Dorothy (MAR: Marchen Awakens Romance) She sees Ginta again in a castle covered in snow, and she had a weapon arm called ring dagger. She helps Ginta out by using one of her arms against nine chess pieces. She had also been to the training gate twice. The first time was with Jack, but she wanted to be with Ginta. The second time, she was training against her shadow.

During the war games, her first opponent was a bishop ranked chess piece named Maira. A guardian arm called Vaqua destroyed her ring armor arm. She then tried the giant Golem arm called Burikin. She does call Burikin back so she could get Toto from the dimension arm-zipper. She won, and she had Toto eat Maira. Her second opponent was another bishop class chess piece named Avrute. She won by using ring dagger, and she promised Ginta that she wouldn't kill anyone.

Dorothy's third opponent was a knight ranked chess piece named Rapunzel, and she called her an old hag. During the battle, she uses the broom of Zephyrus at first. She also kept Rapunzel an old hag. She does leave a scratch on Rapunzel's face, and she used a nature arm called hair master that injured Dorothy. Dorothy then uses a guardian arm called Crazy Quilt. At first Dorothy's arm, Crazy Quilt, didn't want to battle, but then she saw Dorothy's injury. When Crazy Quilt sees the injury, it figures out that the woman, Rapunzel, injured Dorothy and that made Crazy Quilt crazy mad. She has Crazy Quilt sing, and while Rapunzel had her ears covered, Dorothy used her broom that made her win. Dorothy asked Rapunzel if she knew a woman named Dianna. Rapunzel's response was "How do you know the Queen's name?!"

When the war game was postponed for one day, Dorothy invited Ginta, Alan, Alviss, Snow, Jack, Babbo, and Nanashi to Calinda, Dorothy's birthplace. She tells the grand elder in the floating castle that she found Dianna. She tells the grand elder that Dianna is queen of the chess pieces, and that she cast Caldia aside to become Lestaba's queen and Snow's stepmother.

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