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PhantomPhantomPhantom (MAR: Marchen Awakens Romance)
20's (immortal)20's (immortal)
First Knight/Military Leader of the Chess PiecesFirst Knight/Military Leader of the Chess Pieces
"Amuse me, Ginta.""Amuse me, Ginta."
Derek Stephen PrinceMitsuki Saiga
Episode 5Episode 5
MAR: Marchen Awakens RomanceMAR: Marchen Awakens Romance

Character Description: Phantom

The first time we see Phantom, he's rising up from the grave where he was sealed. Even then, his face is never seen until he appears as 'Tom', a villager who wants to help Ginta.

Phantom has an odd way of acting, including wanting Ginta to join him, and then to win against every one of his soldiers. He sends many people against him, expecting and wanting Ginta to win, saying that he wants to be amused. Before he learned about Ginta, he complained that taking over the world too easily would be boring, and he wanted another challenging other-worlder.

For a long time, he's believed to be the Leader of the Chess Pieces, but it's learned that he's actually only the Military leader, following the command of the King and Queen. He used to wield Babbo, whom Ginta now carries, and was the one to place the Zombie Tattoo on Alviss and Rolan. His left arm is always bandaged, but apparently he hides an Arm or a secret power, as he is more than able to fight without Babbo, using something hidden under the bandages.

He respects Ginta's bravery and will kill his own men for their cowardice.

Though Phantom is technically immortal, he is actually not all that old--probably at most in his 20's and definitely younger than Diana. He was made into an immortal zombie by Diana (who is herself not all that old) approximately 10 years prior to the beginning of the story (he's been part of Diana's plans from nearly the beginning--Phantom is himself Kaldean and also an unfortunate victim of both the force that is directing Diana and the Kaldean laws that state that the injustices of a family member must be undone by another family member--the same law that dictates that Dorothy must kill Diana).


Phantom is thought to be at least thirty years old even though he is immortal. In the Manga chapter 146, he says he was around ten years old when he found the orb. In the same chapter he says "then Ten years ago she came." He was also there for the war games six years before Ginta arrives. However in the anime he says he spent ten years with Diana gathering Chess Pieces. So he is at least 26-30 years old.

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