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RapunzelRapunzelRapunzel (MAR: Marchen Awakens Romance)
Giron's sister; one of the 13 zodiac knights; deceasedGiron's sister; one of the 13 zodiac knights; deceased
"How do you know the Queen's name?"
Melodee SpevackYuko Sasaki
Akt.68/once again, training (manga)Akt.68/once again, training (manga)
MAR: Marchen Awakens RomanceMAR: Marchen Awakens Romance

Character Description: Rapunzel

When Rapunzel and her brother Giron were kids, their father became ill and died, and they killed their mother with an axe. The reason Rapunzel and Giron killed their mother is because she denied her children food, and struck them with a whip.

Rapunzel is in the fourth battle of the war games, and the location is the iceberg field. When Ginta asks who's the hag with the drill head, the referee responded that her name is Rapunzel, that she's knight class, belligerent, egotistical, and prone to hysterics, but also very powerful.

Rapunzel wanted to go first, but her brother tells her to go last since she's the leader. When Mr. Hook lost to Alviss she plays rock-paper-scissors for his life, and Mr. Hook lost. Ginta calls her an old hag, and Dorothy calls her disgusting, and that her screeching voice and her ugly face makes her sick. Babbo says that she doesn't even understand the most rudimentary etiquette!! She was almost going to kill somebody until Giron tells her that she can have the best part, and to be patient a little longer.

When Kollekio lost to Jack, Kollekio lost rock-paper-scissors to Rapunzel. Dorothy calls her an old hag, and Rapunzel said that she's only 29 years old. Dorothy calls her a liar and says that she's 40 if you're anything. Giron steps in telling her sister that she's so much prettier than she is. When Avrute lost to Dorothy, he thought that it would be rock-paper-scissors, but Rapunzel said, "I wouldn't waste my special game on TRASH on you. G'bye."

When the fourth match, Aqua vs. Nanashi ended as a draw, Aqua had to take her punishment. She agrees with Aqua that she wouldn't kill her if Aqua won in rock-paper-scissors. Aqua won, but Giron had rock. The result of Aqua getting killed has Ginta going against Giron.

When version three of Babbo sends Giron flying, Rapunzel wants revenge for what Ginta did. However since Dorothy finished her previous match in one second, Dorothy tells her "HEY!! You hear that OLD HAG?!! Your gonna fight Dorothy next!!" Her response to Dorothy was, "Old Hag Old Hag You really want me mad, don't you...? WELL YOU'VE GOT IT-WITCH!!!"

During the match Dorothy keeps calling her an old hag, Rapunzel finds out that Dorothy is a wind wielder. Her face gets a scratch when Dorothy uses Broom of Zephyrus on Rapunzel's ice, and she uses a nature arm called hair master. Rapunzel uses hair master to injure Dorothy, and she calls Dorothy an ugly sow. Rapunzel tries to get crazy quilt with hair master, but crazy quilt was faster. Also, when crazy quilt started to sing, it started to scramble Rapunzel's brain. When she lost to Dorothy, Dorothy asks her "Do you know a woman named Diana?" She answered "H...How...How do you know the Queen's name?!"

In volume eleven, Phantom says that Rapunzel deserves punishment for killing her comrades. So Phantom has a death match between Rapunzel and a rook named Ian. She lost her life, and page thirty shows Ian holding her head.

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