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Anime Profile: Maria Watches Over Us

USA Info
Japanese Info
Maria Watches Over UsMaria-sama ga Miteru (γƒžγƒͺγ‚’ζ§˜γŒγΏγ¦γ‚‹), MarimiteMaria Watches Over Us
26 TV episodes (2 seasons), 5 OVA episodes26 TV episodes (2 seasons), 5 OVA episodes
Nozomi Entertainment, The Right StufShueisha, Studio Deen, TV Tokyo (TV episodes)
Akira Matsushima
Yukihiro Matsushima
Drama, RomanceDrama, Romance
Eriko Torii βŠ• Eriko Torii βŠ•
· · ·
Rei Hasekura βŠ• Rei Hasekura βŠ•
· · ·
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Characters: Maria Watches Over Us

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Eriko Torii βŠ• Eriko Torii βŠ• Tsutako Takeshima βŠ• Tsutako Takeshima βŠ•
Rei Hasekura βŠ• Rei Hasekura βŠ• Yoshino Shimazu βŠ• Yoshino Shimazu βŠ•
Sachiko Ogasawara βŠ• Sachiko Ogasawara βŠ• Youko Minzuno βŠ• Youko Minzuno βŠ•
Sei Satou βŠ• Sei Satou βŠ• Yumi Fukuzawa βŠ• Yumi Fukuzawa βŠ•
Shimako Toudou βŠ• Shimako Toudou βŠ•

Description: Maria Watches Over Us

This series follows the students of the Lillian School for Girls, a small Catholic school in Japan. Yumi Fukuzawa is a first-year student, finding herself infatuated with Sachiko Ogasawara, one of the most popular students there. It was only after she had became her petite souer (French for 'little sister'), that she became involved in the intrigues of 'The Roses', a secret society within the school, as well as dealing with many of the odd dealings, and the romantic complications between the students, as well.

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