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Martin MysteryMartin MysteryMartin Mystery
66 TV Episodes
October 1, 2003
Marathon Animation/Canal J/YTV
Alfredo Castelli (loosely based on the Italian comic)
Stephane Berry
Adventure, Comedy, ParanormalAdventure, Comedy, Paranormal
Martin MysteryMartin Mystery
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Billy βŠ• Billy βŠ•
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Diana Lombard βŠ• Diana Lombard βŠ•
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Java the Caveman βŠ• Java the Caveman βŠ•
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M.O.M. βŠ• M.O.M. βŠ•

Description: Martin Mystery

Notice: Martin Mystery is not Japanese animation! It is a cartoon produced in Canada. However, because it has a style that is strongly influenced by anime, I have decided to include it on this site. If you're one of those hard-core anime purists who can't stand seeing a non-anime series on a site dedicated to Japanese animation, then just press the Back button on your web browser and pretend like you were never here.

Teenagers Martin Mystery and Diana Lombard have one very unusual after-school job... they are both agents for "The Center", a secret organization that observes and protects Earth from supernatural and alien phenomena. However, not everyone who works for the organization is human!

Among them are friends Java the Caveman and a small alien named Billy. Martin is known for his high knowledge of the world of the Paranormal, but is also known for his rather goofy and egotistical qualities (much to Diana's dismay). They are sent on many missions that often lead to creepy encounters with many sinister forces. Together, they solve different mysteries in order to keep the Paranormal activity on Earth in check.

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