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Anime Profile: Mazinkaiser

USA Info
Japanese Info
Mazinkaiser Mazinkaiser Mazinkaiser
7 OVA Episodes 7 OVA Episodes
August 26, 2003 Sept 25, 2001–Sept 25, 2002
ADV Films Bandai Visual/Bee Media/Dentsu
  Go Nagai
  Masahiko Murata, Masahito Otani
Action, Mecha Action, Mecha
TranZor Z Mazinger Z
Baron Ashura Baron Ashura
· · ·
Dr. Hell Dr. Hell
· · ·
Gamia Gamia
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Mazinkaiser

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Baron Ashura Baron Ashura Professor Morimori Professor Morimori
Dr. Hell Dr. Hell Professor Nossori Professor Nossori
Gamia Gamia Professor Sewashi Professor Sewashi
Jun Honoo Jun Honoo Professor Yumi Professor Yumi
Juzo Kabuto Juzo Kabuto Roll Roll
Kazumasa Kazumasa Sayaka Yumi Sayaka Yumi
Koji Kabuto Koji Kabuto Shiro Kabato Shiro Kabato
Lolly Lolly Tetsuya Tsurugi Tetsuya Tsurugi

Anime Description: Mazinkaiser

In Go Nagai's third iteration of the Mazinger Z series, the villainous Dr. Hell and Baron Ashura return again to attack the Photon Power Lab and the Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger pilots in his never ending quest for world domination.

After a massive battle, Dr. Hell succeeds in capturing the Mazinger Z and uses it for his own evil purposes. Just when things are looking their darkest, spunky pilot Koji Kabuto arrives in the powerful new Mazinkaiser to save the day. With Mazinkaiser and the rest of the Mazinger forces on the job, the world may just stand a chance against Hell and Ashura.

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