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Anime Profile: Mega Man Star Force

USA Info
Japanese Info
Mega Man Star Force Ryuusei No Rockman Mega Man Star Force
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MegaMan StarForce(alternate spelling)  
  55+ TV episodes
  Oct 2007-present
  XEBEC, Capcom
  Itagaki Masaya
  Takao Kato
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Mega Man  
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Megaman NT Warrior Rockman.EXE
Aaron Boreal Mamoru Amachi
· · ·
Bud Bison Gonta Ushijima
· · ·
Cepheus Kefeusu
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Anime Characters: Mega Man Star Force

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Aaron Boreal Mamoru Amachi Leo Leo
Bud Bison Gonta Ushijima Libra Libra
Cepheus Kefeusu Luna Platz Luna Shirogane
Claud Pincer Chiyokichi Hazami Lyra Harp
Cygnus Kigunasu Mitch Shepar Michimori Ikuta
Damian Wolfe Jūrō Ogami Omega-Xis War-Rock
Detective Bob Copper Heiji Goyoda Ophiuca Ophiuca
Dragon Dragon Patrick Sprigs Tsukasa Futaba
Gemini Gemini Pegasus Pegasus
Geo Stelar Subaru Hoshikawa Sonia Sky Misora Hibiki
Hope Stelar Akane Hoshikawa Taurus Taurus
Jean Couronne XIV Jan Kurōnu Verumondo Jorujowānu Jūyon-sei Tom Dubius Shinsuke Utagai
Kelvin Stelar Daigo Hoshikawa Zack Temple Kizamaro Saishoin

Anime Description: Mega Man Star Force

This takes place 200 years in the future in the year 220X. A Space station is attacked by aliens who think the humans are trying to cause them harm.

An Alien Named Omega-xis (War-Rock) steals a key that operates a Machine known as Andromeda. He escapes to planet earth where he meets a boy named Geo (Subaru) who's father was on the attacked space station.

At first the two don't get along, but Omega-xis (or Mega for short) tells Geo he knows what happened to his father. The two end up Wave Changing (which is sorta like cross-fusion from Megaman Axess) to save the world from the invading Aliens of the planet FM.

Anime Description: Mega Man Star Force

It's the year 220X, and nearly every connection is made through radio waves. Almost everyone is using a Transer, a mobile device, simialar to the PET's as seen in the Megaman.EXE series.

Geo Stelar is a lonely boy, who hasn't went to school since his father's disappearance in space. One day, he goes to Vista Point to gaze at the stars he loves and puts on his Vizualiser: A pair of glasses left to him by his father. He then sees an Alien that goes by the name of War-rock.

He claims to be an FM-ian on the run. He convinced Geo to let him stay in his Transer, in return for information on Geo's father. The two fuse together to form Megaman so they can fight off other FM-ians and protect Earth.

However, could it be that not everything War-rock says is what it seems....?

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