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Character Profile: Kid Grave

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kid Grave Shuryou Gospel Kid Grave (Megaman NT Warrior)
Robot Robot
Male Male
Greenish-blonde Greenish-blonde
5'9" 175 cm
Leader of Grave Leader of Grave
"The Era of Grave has begun"  
Megaman NT Warrior Rockman.EXE

Character Description: Kid Grave

Kid Grave is the Leader of Grave, the Syndicate that dominated the Second Season. He is as cruel as he is cunning. He is the one who unleashes the Grave Virus, a.k.a Gospel, into Net City. It would also appear that he is Freezeman's Opp as well, but that's unconfirmed.

As the Virus continues to destroy, it is revealed that Kid Grave is a ROBOT! He was created by the injured Dr. Wiley to aid him until he was back to full strength. Wiley, deciding he had no more use for him, shuts Kid Grave down. But it's not over.

Shortly after Forte a.k.a Bass absorbed Gospel, Forte himself was destroyed. But soon after, Kid Grave reawakens, but it's not his own voice that speaks, it's FORTE! Forte says to Wiley that he will use Kid Grave to destroy the world, and that was the last we saw of Kid Grave.....

In the second battle network game, Kid Grave is actually a kid Lan's age named Sean. It's still entirely true that Dr. Wiley was behind all his net crimes, but that 'costume' he's wearing is a radiation suit he used in Kotobuki (a town in the game that was under heavy radiation). The reason Sean worked with Wiley is that he wanted revenge. His parents died in a plane crash 5 years ago and he got stuck with his cruel relatives. Sean really didn't know he was being controlled by Wiley.

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