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Lan HikariNet HikariLan Hikari (Megaman NT Warrior)
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Netto Hikari (romanization)
12 years12 years
Net BattlerNet Battler
"Jack in! Power up!"
Alex Doduk; Brad SwaileKumiko Higa
Megaman NT WarriorRockman.EXE

Character Description: Lan Hikari

One of the two main protagonists, Lan and his Net Navi MegaMan (along with their friends) get involved in stopping Wily's World Three and Grave Organizations. Lan was also involved in the Net Grand Prix and won 2nd place, with Chaud taking first. Though they did become good friends afterward. Lan is also good friends with Malyu, who has a crush on him.

While Lan's grandfather was the man who developed the NetNavi concept, his father continued that work in the new Dimensional Area project based on modifying Rush to appear in the real world. As a result of the new Dimensional Area, Lan was the first of few Net-Battlers to gain use of the newly created "Cross-Fusion" technology, enabling him and MegaMan to merge into a powerful fighter to stand up against the Nebula group that had been taking advantage of the Dimensional Area...

In the videogame, Megaman is Lan's older brother, reborn into a navi. Megaman's human name was Saito in the Japanese version and Hub in the U.S. version. Saito died somewhere around age 4-6 due to a disease incurable at the time. Yuiichiro gathered some DNA from Saito and was able to resurrect Saito in the form a navi, who would soon be known as Megaman.

Character Description: Lan Hikari

Lan is a normal fifth-grader in DenTech City. His father, Yuuichirou Hikari, is a renowned scientist in the technology of PETs and NetNavis. Lan is frustrated with his weak, standard level NetNavi... until his father sends him a custom burn disc. Using the disc, Lan's plain ol' boring NetNavi is upgraded to the powerful MegaMan!

Lan is the typical clutzy, overconfident, though caring and brave anime protagonist that we all recognize and love. When he's not late to class or failing tests, he's battling evil net crime syndicates from creating global chaos and destruction. MegaMan acts more like a bigger brother than a NetNavi, often nagging Lan to get his homework done or to stop goofing off.

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