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Character Profile: ProtoMan

USA Info
Japanese Info
ProtoMan Blues ProtoMan (Megaman NT Warrior)
  R-Blues(With Enzan)
· · ·
  Dark Blues(as Darkloid)
Net Navi Net Navi
Male Male
Gray Gray
Net navi Net navi
"Cyber Sword"  
David Kaye Matsukaze Masaya
Megaman NT Warrior Rockman.EXE

Character Description: ProtoMan

ProtoMan is the fast and powerful Net Navi of Chaud. With Chaud's superior net-battling skills, and ProtoMan's arsenal of sword-type attacks, ProtoMan is one of the most difficult Net Navis to defeat in battle. His only rival would be MegaMan, who eventually is able to equal his power.

Protoman entered the Net Battle competition hoping to receive first place. He teamed with MegaMan to fight the World-3's Blasterman and Stoneman. The Protoman went up against MegaMan for the last round to determine the first place trophy, and won, but the fight woke PharoahMan from his imprisonment. The two teamed to defeat PharaohMan, though they couldn't kill him.

ProtoMan latter helped in the Grave arc, as Grave agent Gauss was hacking into Blaze Quest. When the Grave MegaVirus attacked NetCity, ProtoMan sacrificed himself to save a girl navi, but he was restored by MegaMan. When Nebula attacked, Protoman was the second Navi to gain the Full-Synchro technology, merging with Chaud to become a stronger warrior.

However, during the final battle with ShadeMan, ProtoMan took a DarkChip to fight the Darkloid on his level. He tried to fight the transformation, but ProtoMan succumbed and became a Darkloid, but not before transferring what remained of his old self into MegaMan's Proto-Soul. As a Darkloid, ProtoMan was more powerful, with the negative aspect of his personality. It took Chaud to force Full-Synchro with his Navi to get ProtoMan to regain himself and finally break the DarkChip's hold over him.

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