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Character Profile: Raika

USA Info
Japanese Info
Raika Laika Raika (Megaman NT Warrior Axess)
Raika (Megaman NT Warrior Axess)
Human Human
Male Male
Appears 16-17 years old Appears 16-17 years old
Mint-Green Mint-Green
Blue Blue
Netsavior Netsavior
Unknown Unknown
Axess episode 18 Axess episode 18
Megaman NT Warrior Axess Rockman EXE Axess
· · ·
  Rockman EXE Stream
· · ·
  Rockman EXE Beast
· · ·
  Rockman EXE Beast +

Character Description: Raika

Raika is a netsavior from the icy country of Sharo. When we first meet him, he seems to have a cold personality matched only by the weather from his home country, however after spending time with Lan and Megaman, he gradually becomes friendly, though, like Chaud, he never loses his resolve.

At first, Raika is focused on one thing and one thing alone: completing the mission using all your natural abilities. During Axess, he finds crossfusion distasteful to the point where he openly insults it and questions Lan's intelligence because of his reliance on crossfusion in his debut. This seems to change shortly after when he gives him a back-handed complement before departing for Sharo ("I will give you this, your navi has excellent skill. Don't get me wrong, just because I think Megaman has skills that doesn't mean I think YOU have any.")

As the series progresses, Raika gets friendlier with each appearance, even going to the extent of developing a crush on Princess Pride. This development seems to begin with the rescue of his dog Morozov in Axess and it progresses rather quickly. He even swallows his pride enough to crossfuse himself, claiming it was a necessity to meet the oncoming threat of Duo's Asteroid navis.

All in all, Raika is a pretty cool guy who takes things seriously and watches out for his friends. He is unafraid of all he encounters and he has a virtually unbreakable spirit.

(Personal note: Raika is one of my favorite anime characters because of his development. If I were you, I suggest watching the Rockman series from Axess to Beast+ to watch him go from a cold-hearted jerk to a friendly soldier. You may have to read episode summaries at Wikipedia to get the basic idea of the plot in some episodes. I`ll be happy to help you find certain episodes.)

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