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RibittaMidorikawa KeroRibitta (Megaman NT Warrior)
About 16-17 years oldAbout 16-17 years old
DenTek City's most famous celebrity, news reporter, and announcer for the N1 Grand Prix.DenTek City's most famous celebrity, news reporter, and announcer for the N1 Grand Prix.
"Is there any place to eat around here?! I'm STARVING! OH NO! Are we live?!"
Sharon AlexanderAkiko Nakigawa
Episode 10Episode 10
Megaman NT WarriorRockman.EXE

Character Description: Ribitta

Ribitta happens to be my favorite character in the entire EXE universe! Everything about her is awesome, from her design, to her personality, she is one cool character, in fact she may even be my favorite female character in the world of anime, that's how much I like her.

She has a lot of occupations in the NT universe; she is a news reporter, an announcer for the N1 Grand Prix, and let's not forget she has a net-navi named Toadman, and when their together they can do some awesome stuff!

In case you haven't noticed, Ribitta has an obsession, and her obsession happens to be with anything and everything dealing with toads, if she were walking through DenTek City and found a shop in one of it's shopping districts that sold toad merchandise she'd immediately go in and buy EVERYTHING in the store, that's how obsessed she is with toads, I think toads are cool animals, and with Ribitta having an obsession with them may be a little bit disturbing, but doesn't everybody in the EXE world have some sort of crazy obsession?

Now when Ribitta isn't obsessing over toads she does have a job to do, and she does it perfectly, it's almost as if she was born to do her job (announcing) like it was in her blood, she does have a lot of potential, and passion for the job, when she's not announcing at the N1 Grand Prix, she also doubles as a news reporter, and if she were to be called up at 2:30 in the morning she'd be at the scene immediately to give the people the most up-to-date information.

Ribitta shows her serious side when MegaMan and ProtoMan battle in the episode entitled "That Sinking Feeling!", MegaMan and ProtoMan were duking it out, then all of a sudden this BRIGHT light filled up the entire stadium, and Ribitta has an expression of shock and unsure of what was going on around her (let's just say she can really make her mouth big when in shock) and even though all the events were taking place to where she didn't know exactly what was going to happen, she didn't show any sign of panic, and stayed calm. I like that in a girl.

Ribitta is without a doubt my favorite anime girl of all time (call me crazy but I don't care) and she just has a lot of good qualities to her to back up my statement.

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