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Mermaid ForestNingyo no MoriMermaid Forest
1 OVA volume1 OVA volume
US Manga Corps
Rumiko Takahashi
Drama, Eastern FantasyDrama, Eastern Fantasy
Mermaid ScarNingyo no Kisu
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Rumik WorldRumik World
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon, and on VHS at Amazon.

Characters: Mermaid Forest

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Mana βŠ• Mana βŠ• Towa βŠ• Towa βŠ•
Sawa βŠ• Sawa βŠ• Yuta βŠ• Yuta βŠ•
Shiro βŠ• Shiro βŠ•

Description: Mermaid Forest

An ancient Japanese legend speaks of the flesh of the mermaid. If one were to partake of this...and survive...that one becomes an immortal.

It's not easy, being timeless and invulnerable to practically everything save decapitation. Yuta partook of the Mermaid's flesh 500 years ago, and to this day he has been wandering, searching for a way to become mortal again.

The year is 1936, and Yuta has been alone all this time. Now, he finds himself caught in the middle of a scheme by one who desires that which Yuta wishes to get rid of.

Rumiko Takahashi is better known for her comedy works, but Mermaid Forest is based on the second of Takahashi's uniquely macabre "Mermaid" series of manga, which began with A Mermaid Never Smiles and continues on with Mermaid's Scar, another title that eventually became an anime OVA.

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