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Duke RedDuke RedDuke Red (Metropolis)
White, unknown nationalityWhite, unknown nationality
Economic leader of MetropolisEconomic leader of Metropolis
"We have achived a new age in man's evolution! It shall stand forever, our Ziggurat!"
Jamieson Price

Character Description: Duke Red

Duke Red is a tall and very charismatic individual who owns the majority of Metropolis's businesses and city structures. Like any big time industrial overlord, he holds great sway over nearly every aspect of life of Metropolis.

He worked his way into power slowly and eventually became the main face in Metropolis. At the apex of his power and influence, he build a giant structure/monument called the 'Ziggurat', named after the famous towers build by the people of Babylon to prove their power to god. What people don't know is that the Ziggurat is a new weapon created by Duke Red to render all other nation's weapons useless. In order to finish this weapon, he commissions Dr. Laughton to make a super android designed to be the main component for the new weapon. The catch is that he wants this android to be an exact replica of his long dead daughter Tima.

His main problem is his adopted son, Rock, who absolutely hates all robots, and above all others, Tima. He attacks Laughton after a visit from Duke Red and ends up destroying Tima, or so he thinks. Duke Red becomes madly agitated and depressed, moving on the next step of his plan without his new robotic daughter to assist him.

Duke Red has many faces; a loving father, a charismatic leader, a powerful political figure, a ruthless man. All of these he is and yet all he ever wanted to have was his daughter back. As for Rock, he shows no affection or caring to him what-so-ever, launching into fits of rage just when Rock calls him father. He has to put on a public face whenever he attends the many social galleries that happen during the Ziggurat celebration week. When out of the spotlight, he is a distant man who only works to put his plans that much further ahead.

Side Notes: It is never explained how Tima died the first time around, though it can be assumed that she probably died of a childhood ailment. Duke Red only gives a small explanation of how Rock became his adopted son, stating that he found him during the last war and raised him to be his right hand man. He is rather noble in appearance, his large beak-like nose and hair that looks like a wing gives him the appearance of a great eagle.

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