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Anime Profile: Mezzo: Danger Service Agency

USA Info
Japanese Info
Mezzo: Danger Service Agency Mezzo: Danger Service Agency Mezzo: Danger Service Agency
13 TV episodes(on DVD) 13 TV episodes
2004 2003
ADV Films Shochiku Film/Mezzo Production Committee
  Yasoumi Umetsu
  Yasoumi Umetsu
Martial Arts, Comedy, Ecchi Martial Arts, Comedy, Ecchi
Mezzo Forte Mezzo Forte
Asami Igarashi Asami Igarashi
· · ·
Kenichi "Pops" Kurokawa Kenichi "Pops" Kurokawa
· · ·
Mikura Suzuki Mikura Suzuki
· · ·
Sakura Sakurada Sakura Sakurada
· · ·
Chief Kazuto Chief Kazuto
· · ·
Mugiyami Mugiyami
· · ·
Tomohisa Harada Tomohisa Harada

Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Anime Description: Mezzo: Danger Service Agency

This sequel to "Mezzo Forte" brings back butt-kicking cutie Mikura Suzuki, pastamanic ex-cop Kurokawa, and punk-haired engineer Harada in new, danger-filled episodes.

This time around, the D.S.A. has their hands full with all sorts of homicidal barbers, thugs, renegade V.R. scientists, ghosts, aliens, and all sorts of good stuff... not to mention a new addition: an insecure young girl who looks up to Mikura to find the confidence she desires.

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